2021 Yamaha Tricity 155

WHAT better way to experience this friendly city commuter than to roam the streets amid Sydney rush hour traffic. We immediately noticed how stable the Yamaha Tricity 155 2021 is, with its unique 3-wheel setup.

Every turn is smooth, stable and unrestricted, without that jerk feeling that most scooters give with their light weight and thin tires. This setup is the perfect combination for a new or inexperienced rider.


Crawling at super low speed is also easy, and you won’t find yourself zigzagging in your lane. But don’t be fooled by the look of the two front wheels, when stationary you still have to put your feet up.

The Tricity’s 155cc 4-stroke blue-core engine provides enough power to get you up to speed quickly and is very fuel efficient. You also won’t have to worry about stopping too often to refuel, thanks to the 7.2-liter capacity.

Paired with a V-belt automatic transmission, leaving traffic behind after lane screening is an effortless task. You will never be waiting in a traffic queue again. This bike isn’t just a short-haul commuter either.

The Tricity 155 scooter rides happily at 80 km / h, which is great for those longer runs you might need to do.

The suspension features telescopic forks with 90mm of travel at the front and a unitary swingarm with 90mm of travel at the rear, the combination providing a pleasant ride, although on rough roads the front end may be very hard.

2021 Yamaha Tricity 155
2021 Yamaha Tricity 155

Featuring a unified braking system that applies the brakes to all three wheels, the Yamaha is equipped with two 220mm hydraulic front discs and one 230mm rear disc, with ABS security.

The braking performance is exceptional, as is the build quality. Nothing seems cheap and every detail is well thought out, right down to the sleek folding footrests and grab handles that are cleverly integrated into the subframe design.

The windshield fits perfectly into the design and helps protect the rider from the wind. The inner front fairing includes a waterproof compartment with a 12 volt outlet for charging the phone, although it is very snug and it was almost impossible to fit our iPhone in it.

Ladies even receive a well-placed purse / shopping bag hook, designed so there is no chance of it falling. The under-seat storage is very large and a full-size helmet fits easily, even with gloves and a light jacket.

We would, however, like to see a 12 volt outlet or a USB charger. The seat locking system is very easy to use and hassle free.

The handlebar mounted controls are all well positioned and easy to use. Fitting a phone for navigation could prove difficult, however, with a cover hiding the handlebars. A parking brake lever is also provided so that the scooter does not move from its mount when parked on steep inclines.

2021 Yamaha Tricity 155
2021 Yamaha Tricity 155

We found the seat comfortable and supportive, with room to adjust the position. The height of the seat was perfect for resting your feet as well, at least for this writer. A taller person, however, can feel a bit cramped.

The LCD display is well laid out and easy to read, with two trip meters, a fuel gauge and a temperature gauge. Above the screen is a group of LEDs, including an Eco LED. At night, this light is very bright and quickly becomes annoying.

An LED headlight illuminates the road well at night and during the day a stylish parking light.

Weighing 165 kg, it is not the easiest scooter to maneuver while parking. It also takes a bit of effort to mount it on the center stand, but luckily there is a side stand that is easy to use.

If you’re tired of sitting in public transport next to someone who isn’t taking a shower and you’re looking for a new way to get to the city, the 2021 Yamaha Tricity 155 offers an affordable and enjoyable alternative to daily trips.

Priced at $ 7,149 for the ride, it’s available in milky white only.

2021 Yamaha Tricity 155
2021 Yamaha Tricity 155

Our test bike was provided by Yamaha Motor Australia. To learn more about the 2021 Yamaha Tricity 155, contact your local Yamaha dealer.


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