A couple from Tulsa say someone stole something they held dear while they were out of town.

Surveillance cameras show two people stealing their Vespa scooters.

The couple say the scooter was more than a means of getting around town.

It was a symbol of their first year of marriage.

Rebecca and Jordan Gaines enjoyed their honeymoon so much that they wanted to keep some of it with them.

“We rode Vespas on our honeymoon in Italy, we fell in love with them, so we got it because we had a great time,” said Rebecca Gaines.

Two months ago, the newlyweds bought their own Vespa to relive that happiness here in Tulsa.

Together, they walked it around town several times a week.

“You know, it was just something we loved to do. So it’s very sad that someone decided to take it.” she said.

“Yeah, two months after I got it,” Jordan Gaines said.

The couple returned home after a vacation to find someone who stole the $ 6,000 scooter from their detached garage.

Surveillance footage shows two people carrying the bicycle and carrying it in the back of a black van.

Rebecca works downtown and says she often commutes to work by Vespa.

But the Gaines say it’s not about transportation.

It’s that someone took something precious for them and their relationship.

“It’s more of an invasion of privacy. Someone who comes to your house, you work hard to make your house a home away from home. And they took over that and made it feel like a dangerous space, c ‘is difficult.”

If you know anything about the stolen Vespa or who took it, you are instructed to call Tulsa Police.

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