Brave Vespa Scooter takes on the BMW M3 in a head-to-head drag race

the BMW The M3 is an icon of automotive history that other manufacturers try to copy as a reference in their sports cars. When BMW announces the E92 M3 concept car Back in 2007, enthusiastic fans loved seeing a high-revving V8 bearing the M3 name.

Although the M3 and the standard 3 Series continue to get bigger after each generation, many consider the E92 M3 to be one of the last true BMW cars as it was the last naturally aspirated engine before BMW switched to turbocharging.

Rivals of the BMW E92 M3 include the Audi RS4, Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG and even the Lexus IS-F. However, things are different when you start comparing it to a small Italian scooter. While Vespa is everyone’s favorite Italian scooter manufacturer, racing against a German muscle car is pretty rare.

In the Officially Gassed – OG video, a modified Vespa scooter takes on BMW’s only M3 with a naturally aspirated V8, the E92.

Italian scooter versus German sports car

The E92 M3 is a powerhouse when it comes to performance and handling. The naturally aspirated 4.0-liter V8 develops around 430 hp. Combining that power with the optional DCT (dual-clutch transmission), you can expect a 0-60 mph time of around 4.5 seconds. With that in mind, what can a 43hp 1-cylinder Vespa scooter do against such a powerful car?

RELATED: 19 Modified Vespas We’d Ride On Any MotorcycleWhile 43hp doesn’t seem like a lot compared to the M3, the Vespa started life with just 4hp. With 10 times the power of a standard Vespa scooter and about the same weight, this little scooter is fast.

The scooter achieves an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 268 hp per ton. Believe it or not, it’s exactly the same power-to-weight ratio as the E92 M3.

The first race begins with the Vespa taking the lead. However, the power of the E92 V8 kicks in and it is able to win the race. The next two races are better for the M3, but the conclusion is the same. Although the Vespa is fast, it lacks the high-end speed and stability of the BMW.

E9X M3 future classic car

Laguna Seca Blue E92 BMW M3 Coupe

Although the E9X generation M3 is a modern sports car, it is the last M3 without a turbocharger and most certainly the last M3 with a V8 engine. This M3 is also the last M3 to feature hydraulic steering before switching to an electronically assisted system.

RELATED: These are our favorite features of the BMW E92 M3Like previous M3 generations, prices will continue to rise on the E9X M3s. If you can find a nice, well-maintained example at a good price, it could be a good investment judging by the prices of the M3 E30, E36 and E46 generations currently.

BMW E92 M3

Here’s why the BMW E92 M3 is the last real M car

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BMW M3 E92 Drag Races Highly Modified Vespa Scooter

Our drag racing hub currently consists of over 500 articles, featuring countless different combinations of vehicles. There are a fair number of races between a car and a motorcycle, but we’ve never seen a battle quite like this. It’s definitely one of the weirdest combos of all time and that makes it even more intriguing. Let’s look at the contenders first.

On the right is a BMW M3 of the E92 generation. It’s not a stock example though, and some of the modifications include a custom exhaust system, new cold air intake, and stage two ECU remapping. Power is around 430 horsepower (316 kilowatts), channeled to the rear wheels only via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The gearbox is probably the weakest link in this performance coupe, although at around 3,527 pounds (1,600 kilograms), its power-to-weight ratio is very decent.

On the left, in turn, is a Vespa scooter. At a glance, this combo doesn’t make much sense, but keep in mind this is a tuned Vespa with a 150cc single-cylinder engine that puts out 43bhp (32kW). ). Basically, it’s ten times more than factory production and there’s also a new five-disc clutch, bigger carburetor, bigger wheels, and more. With the rider, the weight of the Vespa is approximately 353 lbs (160 kg). Or, simply put, it has ten times fewer ponies and weighs ten times less than the BMW M3. The scooter drives its rear wheels through a four-speed transmission.

The video at the top of this page is almost 13 minutes long and after the vehicles and their drivers are introduced, there is a series of drag races. First, a classic quarter mile race from a standing start followed by a rolling start drag race. Both categories are subject to a best-of-three rule and vehicle performance is recorded with professional measuring equipment. With exactly the same power to weight ratio, these two machines are definitely worth your attention.

LEGO Creator 40517 Vespa Scooter – “Sembra una vespa!” [Review] – The brick of the brothers

On April 23, 1946, Enrico Piaggio filed the patent for the first Vespa. Now, over 75 years later, LEGO is celebrating this iconic scooter with a pair of brick-built tributes. The Creator Expert 10298 Vespa set we reviewed yesterday features a powder blue Vespa 125, while the LEGO Creator 40517 – Vespa Scooter presents a smaller and more modern version in red. Like its bigger cousin, this 117-piece set will be available March 1 from the online LEGO Store for $9.99 | CA$12.99 | UK TBD . Let’s take a spin together and see what this set has to offer!

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review does not guarantee coverage or positive reviews.

Unboxing parts, instructions and sticker sheet

This set comes in a small box sealed with a tab. The front and rear are quite similar, with a central image of the Vespa seen from either side. Interestingly, there are no product photos or teasers for any of the other, smaller Creator sets, like the 40518 Bullet Train. This seems like a missed opportunity.

There is a license bit on the bottom of the box, where a small holographic sticker identifies this set as an official Vespa product. This practice has been around since at least 2018, when we saw one on the packaging of the Speed ​​Champions 75890 Ferrari F40 Competizione.

Inside the box are two unnumbered parts bags, a 40-page staple-bound instruction booklet, and a small sticker sheet.

Our review copy saw the manual and sticker sheet arrive with some pretty heavy bending. The sticker sheet suffered the most, with one sticker slipping completely off the sheet.

The parts

For a small set, there are some nice pieces to have. The red rounded corner slopes are new for this set, as is the red modified brick with Technic connection. It also includes some of the new 1×5 plates that are making life difficult for overly organized LEGO part sorters around the world. (I love them, but now I have to move all my plate storage bins. I know… Moan, moan, moan.)


Building this set is quick and easy, taking advantage of some SNOT connections to create a nicely rounded body.

The details are sticker based which is fine for a smaller set like this. The rear number plate bears the Vespa logo and “1946” – the year of Vespa’s patent.

The front of the scooter also features a sticker-based Vespa logo and lots of smooth curves created from angled tiles and bricks.

The floorboards have an interesting connection – they clip onto modified 1×1 round plates to create a smooth angle from the front hood to the rear of the vehicle. There’s no steering to be had, however, as the front end attaches securely to the main body with a 5-liter Technic stem. On the plus side, that fixed front wheel means the model can sit upright without the need for a kickstand.

The finished model

The quote “Sembra una vespa!” (“It looks like a wasp!”) is attributed to Enrico Piaggio’s first impression of the scooter’s design. This look has continued since 1946, as this version of the Vespa has the same antenna-like handlebars and streamlined shape.

The scale of this Creator set is great for standalone display, but it doesn’t fit in very well with the figures. Unless you like hilariously oversized RWD vehicles.

When you compare this model to the Creator Expert 10298 Vespa 125, you can see how the design has evolved over the years. Personally, I like the wider hood of the red scooter, but that dusty blue makes me smile a bit more. Hopefully, LEGO will eventually release all of the pieces in this set in other shades, so fans can create their own hybrid models.

Conclusion and recommendation

If you’re looking for a budget version of the 10298 Creator Expert Vespa 125, you’ll be pretty happy with the Creator 40517 version. This updated Vespa stands out with its bright color scheme, realistic detailing and reasonable use of stickers. The minor downside is that it’s more of a show piece than a playable vehicle, as the scale doesn’t match well with the current miniature offering. But if you’re looking for a nice little dust catcher with lots of character, pick this one.

LEGO Creator 40517 – Vespa Scooter will be available on March 1 in the online LEGO Shop for $9.99 | CA$12.99 | UK TBD . It may also be available through third-party sellers on Amazon and eBay.

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review does not guarantee coverage or positive reviews.

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Teenagers accused of taking Piaggio Vespa scooter from Newton Aycliffe

A YOUTH appeared in court after riding a scooter outside a property.

The 16-year-old, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, admitted his role in the seizure of the Piaggio Vespa scooter from a property in Newton Aycliffe on January 6.

The victim, who has a heart condition and struggles to walk very far, told the court she was frustrated after the scooter was taken “in broad daylight”.

Read more: Appeal following New Year’s Eve assault in Russell Street, Darlington

In a victim impact statement, he said: “These men are causing severe misery and they must be dealt with.”

The boy pleaded guilty to taking the vehicle without consent, causing criminal damage to a Durham Police vehicle and obstructing a police officer.

He had already been the subject of an order on January 7 and will work with the young offenders team. It has been extended for five months to take account of the most recent offences.

The court heard he had recently left school and started getting into trouble, but his parents had welcomed the comments from the Young Offenders Team.

He was urged by magistrates not to associate with individuals who would get him into trouble. They added: “It’s your future and in your interest to accept help.”

Another teenager, who also cannot be named for legal reasons, has also emerged in connection with the incident.

He was released on bail and will appear in court on January 14.

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Vespa Scooter 75th Anniversary Edition detailed in first preview

Image – Freestyle Rahee

75th Edition Vespa model launch coincides with India’s celebrations for its 75th Independence Day

To celebrate its glorious debut, Vespa launched its 75th Edition model in India. In international markets, the 75th variant of the Vespa model is available for scooters such as Primavera and GTS. In India, it is powered by 125cc and 150cc engine options. The first is priced at Rs 1.26 lakh while the second is priced at Rs 1.39 lakh, ex-Pune.

Vespa 75th model style

The Vespa 75th model focuses on showcasing the cultural and stylistic milestones of the brand with which it has been associated since the beginning of its activities in the 1940s. The most distinctive feature of the Vespa 75th model is its metallic yellow hue called Giallo 75th. This shade basically represents all of the different color options that were popular in the 1940s.

To dispel any doubts about the essence of the 75th model, the “75” graphic is boldly displayed on the side panels. This is done in a matte metallic pyrite yellow shade, which creates a clearly visible but subtle contrast to the body color. This “75” graphic can also be seen on the front fender.

There is a liberal use of chrome accents, as can be seen on the headlight cowl, front apron, fender, brake levers, mirrors, side piping, rims and heat shield. exhaust. Take a look at the first look at the 75th Anniversary Edition of the Vespa Scooter in the video below, credit to Freestyle Rahee.

The seat is in a dark smoke gray color, which is stylish compared to the glossy metallic yellow body paint. The seat is wrapped in soft Nabuk, which is another treat for the sensory perceptions of touch. Functionally, the soft fabric results in more comfortable rides.

At the back, the Vespa 75e model is adorned with a round bag with a chic look. It is available in a black tint that stands out against the sleek chrome stand. It can be used to transport items and doubles as a trendy vehicle accessory. The bag comes with dedicated straps that help secure it to the chrome bracket. It is equipped with a waterproof liner.

Vespa 75th model helmet

For a 75th model look that is smoother between the rider and the rider, Vespa offers a specially designed helmet. It corresponds to the main theme that was used for the 75th model. The helmet has a dark smoky gray color and chrome piping throughout. It has the Vespa 75th model logo on the side and Giallo 75th color graphics.

In addition to the styling elements, the Vespa 75e model will continue to use the same engine and other hardware elements. In India, the 75th Vespa model will be sold as a limited edition. It is powered by the same 125cc single cylinder engine generating around 10 hp and 9.6 Nm. Vespa also has a 150cc engine, which delivers around 10.5 PS and 10.6 Nm.

Piaggio brings a limited edition of the Vespa scooter | Pune News

Pune: The Indian branch of Italian automaker Piaggio has unveiled a limited edition of its flagship Vespa scooter to mark the 75th anniversary since it began producing the now iconic scooter, the firm hinting that an electric edition of the two-wheelers were possible in India, but with sufficient indigenization.
The limited edition Vespa will be offered in its usual 125cc and 150cc engines, but with facelifts and accessories designed to evoke its original aerodynamic design, as well as some of its previous features, such as a rear-mounted pouch. , to refer to the previous supply of a spare tire. Like its entire product line, the Limited Edition will also be manufactured at the Baramati factory.
“The response to the product is definitely overwhelming, with reservations for the scooter already open. This is something people are eager to achieve because this edition was designed and developed to look like the original Vespa, which is what we do to celebrate the legacy of the product, ”said Diego Graffi, President and CEO General of Piaggio India, in an interaction with TOI.
Piaggio launched an electric version of the scooter in Europe in 2016, with the firm insisting that producing and launching an electric Vespa is part of their long-term plans in India, but challenges remain. “Of course, such a product would work in India. Vespa is an ambitious product, people buy it for its style and design, as well as for its powertrain, ”Graffi added.


Jose Mourinho calls attention to Vespa scooter around Roma training base

Jose Mourinho draws attention to a Vespa scooter around Roma training base amid cameras and fanfare … as the Portuguese coach begins to settle in the Italian capital ahead of the new season!

  • José Mourinho was named the new manager of AS Roma a few months ago
  • The Portuguese found a new job just days after being sacked by Tottenham
  • Mourinho arrived in Rome last week and kept fans in the loop
  • His latest Instagram post shows him circling his new base on a Vespa

José Mourinho caught the attention of passersby again on Tuesday as he toured Roma training base on a Vespa scooter!

The Portuguese manager, who was announced as Roma’s new manager in May after being sacked from the top job at Tottenham, is starting to move to the Italian capital arrived with great fanfare last week.

And Mourinho amused Instagram followers when he drove the famous Italian Vespa scooter around the club’s Fulvio Bernardini base on Tuesday, posting a video online with a buggy filming him as the star of the show.

José Mourinho toured Roma training base on Tuesday on a classic Vespa scooter

Mourinho poses for the cameras as he discovers his new surroundings at the club's Fulvio Bernardini base

The Portuguese boss moves to the Italian capital after his recent appointment

The Portuguese boss moves to the Italian capital after his recent appointment

The former Inter Milan coach regularly uses his Instagram platform to inform his fans of his travels, especially in light of his arrival in Rome in recent days.

Mourinho, 58, found work just days after his dismissal from Spurs, taking on a new challenge with the Serie A squad and spending his summer in London and Portugal, alongside expert duties with talkSPORT.

He signed a three-year contract at Stadio Olimpico, embarking on a new challenge after seven years in English football.

The Giallorossi have turned to the former Chelsea, Manchester United and Real Madrid coach after a disappointing campaign in which Paulo Fonseca guided the team to a seventh place finish.

Mourinho landed in the Italian capital last week as he prepares for a new chapter

Mourinho landed in the Italian capital last week as he prepares for a new chapter

Roma also reached the semi-finals of the Europa League, before being eliminated by Manchester United.

Mourinho has a history in Italian football, guiding Inter to a historic treble in 2010.

However, he has fallen out regularly with Italian football authorities during this triple campaign, but is now back in Italy after 11 years.

Marin man riding Vespa scooter on Lucas Valley Road dies after hitting deer

A 64-year-old man from Marin died on Friday after the Vespa scooter he was driving near the Jerry Russom Memorial Park in San Rafael collided with a deer.

The driver of the scooter was identified by authorities on Monday as Melvin “Scott” Lockard of Kentfield, according to a statement by Deputy Chief Coroner Roger Fielding of the Marin County Sheriff’s Office and Coroner’s Division.

Lockard was driving on Lucas Valley Road in Sequeira Road at 4:30 p.m. when the animal rushed down the road and lined it up, throwing it onto the shoulder of the roadway, Fielding said.

The collision left Lockard unconscious and unconscious. When paramedics arrived at the scene, he was in cardiopulmonary arrest, according to the coroner. Extensive resuscitation efforts were made, but he died at the scene, Fielding said.

A forensic autopsy is scheduled for later this week to determine the cause and mode of death.

The cause and manner of death will depend on the conclusion of investigations by the California Highway Patrol, Marin’s office and the Marin County Sheriff’s Office – Coroner’s Division, ”Fielding said.

The deer also died, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

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Portsmouth family pay tribute to ‘incredible father’ after fatal Vespa scooter crash

Benjamin Ringe died of an accident involving the Vespa Piaggio scooter he was driving and a Mini Cooper on Copnor Road, near its junction with Torrington Road.

Today, Mr Ringe’s family, who have a twin brother, said he would be “deeply missed and loved forever”.

He died after the accident at 11:21 p.m. on December 29 at Copnor Road, the street where he lives.

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Benjamin Ringe died on December 29 after being involved in an accident involving the Vespa scooter he was driving and a Mini Cooper. Photo: Hampshire Police

Tributes were also left in messages on flowers left near where Mr Ringe died.

In a tribute from Hampshire Police, his family said: “Ben will be deeply missed and will always be loved by all of his family, friends and all who had the pleasure of knowing him.”

Her twin brother added, “The best twin you could ask for. I still love you my brother.

Ben’s partner said, “No words can describe how heartbroken we are at having to say goodbye to you.

Flower tributes at the scene of the fatal New Road crash at the junction with Torrington Road, Portsmouth, January 7, 2020. Photo: Habibur Rahman

‘You are an amazing dad and a great step dad. We love you so much and will miss you more than you ever know.

‘You will always be my best friend and my soul mate.’

Read more

Read more

Coronavirus in Portsmouth: Queen Alexandra Hospital boss detonates messages calling Co …

Flowers were left near the crash site, including by those who tried to help.

One of them said: “We did our best to save you… sorry, that was not enough. TEAR. J, J + M. ‘

Another said: “We wish we could do more to help you. RIP Ben. ‘

Another message added: ‘RIP Ben. Always in our hearts. I love Robbie, Jade and the xxxxxx kids. ‘

Other flowers had a note that said, ‘RIP Ben, miss your charges. BH for life !!! It looks like a dream. ‘

Another note read: “Ben. A good friend caught too early. All my Love.’

Traffic police are continuing their investigation into the tragic death.

Traffic police officers call on anyone with information to come forward.

A Hampshire Police spokesperson said: ‘Officers are continuing to investigate the exact circumstances of the collision.

“Anyone with information should call 101, citing 44200499342.”

Police had previously called on anyone with CCTV or dash camera footage to come forward.

The relatives of Mr. Ringe are supported by a specialized officer.

A message from the editor, Mark Waldron

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MA-DE studio designs electric version of iconic vespa scooter

After its all-electric fiat 126, the MA-DE studio is back with another reimagining of a classic Italian vehicle. this time around, the Como-based design studio created the vespa ELETTRA concept: an electric version of the iconic vespa scooter.

images © Studio MA-DE

the concept is inspired by the original piaggio vespa. patented on April 23, 1946 and designed by aeronautical engineer Corradino d’ascanio, the vespa has sold over 18 million units in various editions and models to the present day. this new vespa ELETTRA is equipped with a 7 kW electric motor with a torque of 240 nm and a maximum speed of 95 km / h. the 5.6 kW / h battery allows cyclists to cover up to 140 kilometers on a single charge. the app, accessible via your mobile phone, acts as an authentication key as well as an active virtual dashboard to control all navigation data and settings.

MA-DE studio designs electric version of iconic designboom vespa scooter

andrea della vecchia, co-founder of studio MA-DE, says of the project: “I firmly believe in the movement towards electric mobility. it is only a matter of time, not only for cars but especially for scooters and small urban mobility tools. ‘

MA-DE studio designs electric version of iconic designboom vespa scooter

MA-DE studio designs electric version of iconic designboom vespa scooter

MA-DE studio designs electric version of iconic designboom vespa scooter

MA-DE studio designs electric version of iconic designboom vespa scooter

MA-DE studio designs electric version of iconic designboom vespa scooter

project info:

name of the project: vespa ELETTRA

design: andrea della vecchia / studio MA-DE

instagram: @_made_studio

the ‘elettra’ project is a design concept and a personal interpretation, conceived by the MA-DE studio of the ‘VESPA’ vehicle, which is the exclusive property of piaggio & CSpA this project is NOT a real or prototype vehicle, which can be industrialized and / or marketed.

designboom received this project from our ‘DIY submissions‘, where we invite our readers to submit their own work for publication. see more project submissions from our readers here.

edited by: lynne myers | design boom

Piaggio Group, manufacturer of the Vespa scooter, chooses IBM to improve interoperability and efficiency of its global factories

ARMONK, NY and MILAN, Dec 3 2020 / PRNewswire / – IBM (NYSE: IBM) and The Piaggio Group (PIA.MI), European leader and one of the main global players in the scooter and motorcycle market, also active in the field of robotics with the production of drones on the ground, announced the completion of an international project to transition management applications from Piaggio to SAP S / 4HANA. The solution will speed up and simplify internal processes such as providing its employees with more efficient and faster order management tools and offering more flexibility for its customers’ service requests.

The Piaggio Group has focused on the combination of processes through the upgrade of the common and integrated application infrastructure, in its six industrial clusters around the world: four in Italy, one in India and one in Vietnam, where it has production and commercial activities. The upgrade to SAP S / 4HANA will provide a centralized view of information, enabling Piaggio to analyze business and economic data in real time, on any device, even on the go, offering the end user different tools to analyze data independently and simulate alternative scenarios. .

“We have laid the groundwork for the rapid and constant evolution of our processes and the further digitization of the most important business processes in the future, in support of internal functions, collaboration with strategic partners and the network of sale “, commented Vittorio Boero, Chief Information Officer of the Piaggio Group. “This change will take place according to a development plan that we have designed with the aim of bringing tangible and significant benefits to the company through a process of constant improvement.

Initiated in the first quarter of 2020, the migration process was led by IBM, while facing the challenges of social distancing requirements due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with a gradual consolidation taking place at the end of June. The project was completed and met all set targets despite operational hurdles related to testing and starting production in all three countries with remote support rather than on-site.

In order to pursue his company’s international growth goals, Piaggio needed to complete the project safely and on time and ensure that the new system started up before the start of the peak sales season. Their choice of IBM Services was motivated by its extensive and proven expertise, both in applications on the new SAP S / 4HANA technology and in industry. Over 20 years ago, IBM Services completed the SAP R / 3 installation project for Piaggio and carried out the conversion project by taking full advantage of the new efficient functionalities of the management system that combines the transactions of ‘an ERP with emerging technologies. The project represents the first step of an evolutionary path that projects Piaggio towards the dimension of a cognitive company, that is to say a company capable of making the most of internal and external data to support strategies and choices. commercial.

“From the conception of the first Vespa to the present day, Piaggio has always shown that it believes in the driving force of innovation and human capital to face and overcome market challenges. Even during the pandemic, Piaggio continued on its path of transformation to become a cognitive enterprise, able to make the most of technology to improve efficiency and competitiveness, ”said Luigi Menzio, Executive Services Partner, IBM Italy. “IBM is proud to have supported a company symbol of Italian excellence in the safe realization of its international migration project to SAP S / 4HANA at a rapid pace and despite the limits imposed by the containment.”

Founded in 1884, the Piaggio Group is Europe largest manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles and one of the main global players in this sector. Piaggio (PIA.MI), listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 2006, has been controlled by Immsi SpA since 2003. (IMS.MI), an industrial holding also listed on the Italian Stock Exchange. The activity of the Piaggio Group is divided into three distinct areas: 2-wheelers, light commercial vehicles and the robotics division with Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF). The Group’s brands include Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Gilera, Derbi, Ape and Piaggio Commercial Vehicles. The Piaggio Group has more than 6,600 employees and a worldwide distribution in more than 100 countries. There are seven industrial centers, four of which are in Italy, one in India, one in Vietnam and one in Boston, where the Gita land drone is produced. The Group has four Research and Development centers, in which around 1,000 people are involved.

For more information on IBM’s SAP services, visit

External Relations, IBM Services
Tricia Vuton
Phone: 1-914-765-4980
Mobile: 1-845-490-7582
E-mail: [email protected]

External relations, IBM Italy
Claudia ruffini
Mobile: +39 335 6325093
E-mail: [email protected]


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10 things you never knew about the iconic Vespa scooter

A Spanish-made Vespa S 150 was used by two students to tour the world in 79 days.

Perfect in its compactness, functionality and widely imitated design, the Vespa scooter is not only a means of transport, but a true icon. Introduced by the Italian firm Piaggio in 1946 with the 98 model, the Vespa was quickly successful. The small size and affordability of scooters was perfect for promoting post-war mobility. But as with most new designs, it would also be heavily emulated, intended for icon status. From the origins of Piaggio to the first Vespa prototypes to the future-oriented Elettrica model, Vespa is synonymous with efficient and fun transport and style.

From the first licensed productions in the early 1950s, the Vespa was a citizen of the world, able to interact in social circles at the antipodes. It generated such specific cultural phenomena and adapted so well to a wide range of situations that it became a point of reference in each.

Giorgio Bettinelli has completed expeditions to five continents aboard his trusty Vespa PX

Giorgio Bettinelli has completed expeditions to five continents aboard his trusty Vespa PX

It inspired the traditions, musical trends and trends of youth. She has accompanied countries and continents in their economic and social evolution, and she has brought Italy with all its style, beauty and ability to combine technology and elegance in the streets of the whole world.

With over 19 million units sold, the Vespa is not just a scooter, but the scooter, known and loved around the world, a rare example of a motor vehicle that has survived crises and fashions, remaining always faithful to the original concept. The youth of the decades to come, no matter where they are in the world, will find themselves united by an extraordinary vehicle which has always been and always will be a symbol of freedom; a vehicle that will continue to delight and inspire future generations of enthusiasts.

Vespa PK50

Vespa PK50

Tried and true

As in the past (since the late 1960s), Vespas are still manufactured in their two original sizes “vespino” (small frame) and “vespone” (large frame).

Racy Legacy

The Vespa Sei Giorni 300 HPE features eye-catching license plates that are reminiscent of the scooters that won the Six Days Trial Race 1951, which included off-road competition.

Vespa 125 Primavera

Vespa 125 Primavera

Land speed record

The fastest Vespa is a 125cc missile that hit 106.26 mph on a jaunt from Rome to the nearby coastal town of Ostia in 1951. The most powerful model is the Vespa GTS 300 with 23.8 horses.

Proven suspension

Today’s front suspension retains the same design as the first prototype from 1946, which was ingeniously adopted from Piaggio’s aircraft designs.

An electric future

The most recent and revolutionary Vespa is the Elettrica. The all-electric, zero-emission model is available with top speeds of 30 or 45 mph.

The Vespa at 50

The new generation of Vespa launched in 1996 has the traditional steel frame, but with an automatic transmission. To celebrate Vespa’s 50th anniversary, the ET 50 was presented to the international press in the historic center of Rome.

Special edition for 60

Designed to celebrate Vespa’s 60th anniversary, the GTV special series inspired by the first prototype from 1946 featured chrome handlebars, a headlight on the front fender and two separate seats.

Legacy models

The names of some Vespa models are taken from previous scooters, such as Primavera, Sprint and Six Days.

Size matters

For many years Vespa scooters were fitted with 10 inch diameter wheels, but newer models are 11 inches.

Social consciousness

Unveiled in 2013, the 946 model embodies the latest evolution of the original style. For every scooter sold, Piaggio donates $ 150 to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS (RED), effectively delivering medicine to sub-Saharan Africa for more than 500 days.

Blanket_VespaStyle + Passion

“Vespa: Style and Passion” by Valerio Boni and Stefano Cordara, available now on Amazon, celebrates the 75-year history of the beloved Italian scooter and the culture it inspired.

Bruno Mars looks low-key as he buys a Vespa scooter with his girlfriend Jessica Caban

Bruno Mars looks low-key as he buys a Vespa scooter with his girlfriend Jessica Caban

Bruno Mars was in the mood to splurge on Wednesday.

The Please Me frontman looked ready to spend as he was spotted at a Vespa scooter retailer in Studio City.

Mars, 34, was dressed in a high fashion athleisure look during his shopping spree, where he was joined by his model girlfriend Jessica Caban.

Easygoing: Bruna Mars disguised herself by buying a Vespa in Studio City on Wednesday

Bruno was both casual and chic in his sporty outfit.

He donned a distressed Saint Laurent hoodie with Fila sweatpants and classic black and white Nike sneakers. He topped it off with a vintage-looking baseball cap and sunglasses.

The other half of the 24K Magic singer was dressed in her own casual style, wearing a gray hoodie, slightly faded jeans and white shoes. Adding an upscale touch, she carried a Prada bag.

After riding Italian scooters, he and his sweetheart returned home in his black SUV.

Sporty chic: He donned a distressed Saint Laurent hoodie with Fila sweatpants and classic black and white Nike sneakers

Sporty chic: He donned a distressed Saint Laurent hoodie with Fila sweatpants and classic black and white Nike sneakers

Simple style: The other half of the 24K Magic singer was dressed in her own casual style, wearing a gray hoodie, slightly faded jeans and white shoes

Simple style: The other half of the 24K Magic singer was dressed in her own casual style, wearing a gray hoodie, slightly faded jeans and white shoes

Bruno and Jessica have been together for nine years.

According to Mars biographer Emily Herbert, the couple met by chance when the Just The Way You Are singer spotted them at a restaurant in New York City and decided to introduce themselves.

They would live together in the Hollywood Hills with their dog Geronimo.

Go strong: Bruno and Jessica have been together for nine years.  Seen at the 2014 Grammy Awards above

Go strong: Bruno and Jessica have been together for nine years. Seen at the 2014 Grammy Awards above

Despite her great notoriety, the Hawaiian-born artist has kept their relationship out of the spotlight.

He briefly commented on their romance during an interview with Rolling Stone in 2016.

Bruno was taken aback when the magazine asked him if he would ever ask the question, telling them, “Jesus! She is my best friend. My rock. What the hell is wrong with that? We’re just happy.

Happy accident: According to Mars biographer Emily Herbert, the couple met by chance when the Just The Way You Are singer spotted them at a restaurant in New York City and decided to introduce themselves.

Happy accident: According to Mars biographer Emily Herbert, the couple met by chance when the Just The Way You Are singer spotted them at a restaurant in New York City and decided to introduce themselves.

New Vespa scooter, Suzuki Hayabusa, and more

Two-wheelers at Auto Expo 2020: new Vespa scooter, Suzuki Hayabusa, and more

The Auto Expo 2020, which will be held next week in Greater Noida, will largely focus on four-wheelers. Indeed, most two-wheeler manufacturers, including leaders like Hero MotoCorp and Bajaj, have decided to skip the 15th edition of Asia’s biggest auto show for two reasons. First, participating in Auto Expo is a costly affair and few two-wheeler companies are willing to make this investment when slowing sales in the industry have affected their balance sheets. In addition to this, two-wheeler manufacturers are also busy upgrading their range to comply with the impending BS 6 emission standards. As a result, we only have Suzuki Motorcycle India and Piaggio coming to the next Greater Noida Auto Expo 2020. And here is what these brands could bring to the show.

1. New Vespa scooter

Vespa Urban Club_Glossy Red_01.jpg

Vespa, a subsidiary of Piaggio, is expected to present a brand new scooter at the auto show next month. According to media reports, it is expected to be an India-specific scooter and will most likely join the Indian Vespa lineup as the most affordable product. While there are no details on this upcoming Vespa scooter, it can be assumed that it will sport a retro style and not be as feature rich as its rivals.

2. New Suzuki Hayabusa

2020 Suzuki Hayabusa launch in India: find out price, specs and more

It may be the only big bike that we believe will come to Greater Noida Expo 2020. Launched last year, the new Hayabusa undergoes minimal styling changes and is mechanically identical to the previous model. However, in its new iteration, the bike benefits from dual channel ABS and two new color options.

3. Suzuki BS 6 range

Suzuki Access 125 BS6.jpg

Along with the new Hayabusa, Suzuki is also expected to showcase its BS 6 product line. So far, the only Suzuki BS 6 two-wheeler is the Access 125, which launched earlier this month. However, we believe the company will bring BS 6 motorcycles, likely the Gixxer 155 series, to its pavilion at the Delhi auto show next month.

4. Aprilia RS 660

Aprilia RS 660.png

The Aprilia RS 660 is a fully faired motorcycle that was unveiled at EICMA 2019. It is powered by a 660cc parallel V-twin engine and has 99 horsepower. And while not launching anytime soon in India, bringing this sports bike to the show will certainly attract a lot of people to Aprilia’s booth.

5. Aprilia RS 150

Aprilia RS150 Auto Expo 2018.jpg

The Aprilia RS 150 is a fully faired 150cc motorcycle that was presented by the company at Auto Expo 2018, albeit as a prototype. This time around, we believe the Italian marque will showcase its production model at Expo 2020. The RS 150 takes inspiration from the Aprilia RSV4 superbike and gets top-notch hardware like inverted forks and disc brakes at both ends. . When launched in India, the bike will lock horns with Yamaha YZF R15 V3.0.

Kaley Cuoco is an Italian hottie on a green Vespa scooter in the cobbled streets of Rome

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Kaley Cuoco may have complained about looking “too Midwestern” while playing Penny in “The Big Bang Theory,” but the actress is in Europe right now. Kaley is filming her new TV show “The Flight Attendant” and she keeps Instagram up to date.

FYI, if you need a glimpse of Kaley’s experiences so far in Italy, they’ve been hilarious.

Seriously. Kaley lost her mind this week after her hotel told her to use the “coffee machine” in her room – the 34-year-old woman eventually found out that the “coffee machine” was nothing more than ‘an electric kettle with instant coffee sachets.

Kaley was not happy. She is now.

Kaley Cuoco / Instagram

Kaley updated her Instagram just in time for the weekend. She posted an eye-catching yet relaxed photo of herself lying on a forest green Vespa scooter. A picturesque backdrop of cobblestones and buildings counterbalances the blue sky of Rome.

The star might have been bundled up, but she was still gorgeous. Kaley had opted for a comfortable, earthy-toned coat, also wearing a chunky scarf and dark pants. Of course, accessories suitable for scooters had been put on, with the actress wearing a white helmet.

A legend took the route of the joke.

“This is who I am now. ?? I am that person who drives a Vespa through Rome. Or at least gets shot at a giant platform, pretending to drive a Vespa through Rome. While I was in Rome.

Jesse Grant / Getty Images

It didn’t take long for Kaley’s update to garner a ton of comments – and likes. The star’s post managed to register over 25,000 likes in 40 minutes.

“Ha !! Incredible!” was a comment.

“It’s so crazy !!” another fan wrote.

Kaley will still garner remarks referring to her 10-season stretch on the popular sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”. A comment came up mentioning another of the characters in the show, Howard Wolowitz.

“Howard would be jealous,” the fan wrote.

“Howard would be so proud” was yet another reference.

Kaley Cuoco / Instagram

“The Flight Attendant” is still in filming mode, so you’ll have to wait a bit before it appears on screens. Here is what we know.

The HBO Max series will tell the story of Cassandra Bowen who wakes up in a hotel room in Dubai with a giant hangover – and a corpse next to her. She’s too scared to call the cops, so she joins her teammates to find the FBI waiting for her. And they have questions.

Kaley is both the star and the producer of the series.

For “BBT” fans, saying goodbye to street-smart Penny was the end of an era. It was certainly for Kaley, who spoke to She Knows, cooking up what she will miss the most.

“You know, she’s iconic. He’s the best character I’ve ever played. She has all the qualities. She is funny she is [silly and] I’m calm, she’s sarcastic. She loves Leonard and she loves these guys and she’s a real girl. You know, we’ve covered a lot of issues this year. She didn’t even want to have children and she wanted to be a business woman. I don’t think we’ve seen this much on TV, ”Kaley said.

“I was really impressed that they went this route and yes that is the reason why everything I do in the future will be sent back to Big Bang,” she added.

You can now buy any new Vespa scooter online

Vespa USA has announced that it is making the buying process easier for potential customers with its online store. While Vespa-curious have been able to view current models and options on the Vespa website from the start, now we will also be able to check stock availability, promotions and place orders for bikes, accessories and clothing. fully online.

Ordering accessories and clothing online is quite common, whether related to the Vespa or not. However, ordering and even financing your next bike entirely online is a relatively new phenomenon, when it comes to new bike sales. We saw MV Agusta been doing this lately, and it’s not too surprising that other brands are starting to offer similar options.

If you are interested in a new Vespa, this new system is already online at the official Vespa USA store, so let’s check it out.

This is what happens when you order a Vespa online.

Let’s say you go through models and decide you want a specific model. You choose the color, then add it to your cart. Then you will get an on-screen confirmation pop-up to let you know that you have successfully completed your selection mission. From there, you can either purchase accessories or go straight to checkout.

Basket confirmation

When choosing to pay, you must go through each of the steps in order and press the “Confirm” button before the Vespa USA store will allow you to proceed to the next step. For example, the first thing you will see is the list of items in your shopping cart. You must confirm this before you can select the dealer by entering your zip code.


This is when Vespa USA will tell you how long you will have to wait to take delivery of your selected bike. For example, I had three Vespa dealers in my area. If I wanted to buy the Primavera in these screenshots, I would have to wait 30 days at one reseller and 90 days at two other resellers.

Purchase Steps

It then walks you through current promotions, including finance offers, accessory bonuses with new Vespa purchases, and more. It is also at this stage that you will be invited to apply for funding. If you choose this route, you must insert an app identification number to continue the purchase process.


It’s a fairly straightforward process that makes ordering your new Vespa scooter as easy as you would order a new Vespa branded t-shirt. If you want the comfort and convenience of ordering your next scooter while you relax in your pajamas, Vespa Store USA is officially here for you.

Source: Vespa store United States

2020 Vespa scooter models unveiled

Live the city life? You probably have your eye on a Vespa scooter, and the Italian brand has unveiled some eye-catching new models at the 2019 International Motorcycle Show.

The company is plugging into the electric mobility movement, presenting a new model Vespa Elettrica 70 km / h which, as the name suggests, pushes the performance of the existing electric Vespa to a new level.

Vespa Elettrica 70km / h uses a lithium-ion battery and an electric motor.”/> The Vespa Elettrica 70km / h uses a lithium-ion battery and an electric motor.

According to Vespa, the Elettrica 70 km / h uses a lithium-ion battery and an electric motor, and has a range of up to 100 km. It’s in Eco mode, which limits the bike to 45km / h (the same level as the previous Elettrica). In Power mode, you can reach 70 km / h and the range is estimated at 70 km.

Other models on display include the Sean Wotherspoon – if you don’t recognize that name, google it – he’s a well-known designer. And the Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon is clearly influenced by his work, with “a contemporary vintage touch in what is his hallmark.” You can even pick up a matching helmet, t-shirts or a “modern tracksuit”.

The Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon can be worn with a matching helmet, t-shirts or a “modern tracksuit”. The Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon can be worn with a matching helmet, t-shirts or a “modern tracksuit”.

The special edition Vespa Primavera 125 (RED) is perhaps quieter, you guessed it, the Rosso paint. It has contrasting trim elements to help it stand out and even bears a red Vespa logo.

If retro is your favorite look, the Vespa Racing Sixties series will suit your bill. According to the brand, “the inspiration comes from the gentleman’s races of the 60s”, with contrasting graphics in yellow and green or red and white, it is available as a Vespa Sprint (50cc, 125cc and 150cc engines) or Vespa GTS Super ( 125cc or 300cc engines) spec.

  • The special edition Vespa Primavera 125 (RED) receives Rosso paint and contrasting trim elements. The special edition Vespa Primavera 125 (RED) receives Rosso paint and contrasting trim elements.
  • The Vespa Racing Sixties series is inspired by the "60s gentleman rider races ”. The Vespa Racing Sixties series is inspired by the “gentleman rider races of the 60s”.

Styling highlights include gold wheels and a “soft, velvety nubuck” seat with handcrafted stitching and a weatherproof PVC coating.

Expect some of these 2020 Vespa models to be offered in Australia in the coming months.

These scooter riders are happy to stay in the slow lane

For some, there is no better feeling than hitting the road on two wheels.

Hollywood captured him in the movie Easy Rider, actor Ewan McGregor captured him with his friend and motorcyclist fanatic Charley Boorman on epic rides across the continent for their television series Long Way Round and Low Way Down.

The Hobart Motor Scooter Club, however, operates on a much more relaxed schedule.

On a Sunday morning, once a month, club members meet in Salamanca Square for a quiet coffee and chat before heading to a destination outside of Hobart.

Sharon Heritage is the founding member and president of the club.

“It started in 2002 when I had my L’s and wanted other people to be able to ride with them,” she said.

“I just put an ad in the local newspaper to see what interest there was, and there was enough to start something.”

There are now 30 members in good standing.

A group of Vespas belonging to the Hobart Motor Scooter Club.(

ABC News: Michael Dalla Fontana


Sharon’s admiration for all things scooters stems from her interest in 1960s Mod era music.

She owns six predominantly vintage Vespa scooters: a Vespa Super, a 1965 50S, a 1967 Super Sprint 90, a 1973 Vespa Primavera 125 and a 1968 Super Sport 180.

She describes her 2002 PX-200 as her most “comfortable” scooter and the one she uses the most. She traveled approximately 116,000 kilometers.

This is the scooter she borrows for national scooter rallies.

With Hobart’s clubbing, it’s like a roll of the dice when it comes to deciding where to go.

“I have a shopping list that we have done in the past and I alternate them every year with new ones every now and then,” she said.

Some rides are night business.

Vespas lined up in a Hobart lane
The club always loads up on caffeine before a race.(

ABC News: Michael Dalla Fontana


“Places like Bicheno or Tarraleah. Our day walks are usually no further than towns like Orford or Geeveston,” she said.

At 86, former London Metropolitan and Tasmanian Police Officer David Sowerby is the club’s oldest member.

The man from Midway Point who immigrated to Australia with his wife and family in 1966 has been cycling for 70 years. He joined the club four years ago.

“I love the camaraderie, the common interest and the exhilaration of two-wheeled transport,” he said.

“In the 90s, as a member of the Ulysses Club, I made the round trip to Toowoomba in Queensland,” said David.

Originally from Launceston, Pam Genders, 71, has lived in Hobart since the early 1980s.

David Sowerby, oldest member of the Hobart Motor Scooter Club
At 86, David Sowerby is the club’s oldest member.(

ABC News: Michael Dalla Fontana


She got her motorcycle license in her early twenties while driving – as she puts it – her little Honda, around Launceston.

“It was around the time when the police were just saying to go around the block,” she said.

“And when I got home he said, ‘Well, you can get your license now’.”

After a long hiatus, Pam only returned to two wheels at the age of 67, when she joined the Hobart Motor Scooter Club.

“People are wonderful, they can’t do enough to help you, it’s just a wonderful place to get involved,” she said.

A vintage Vespa scooter
Vespas have recently seen a resurgence in popularity.(

ABC News: Michael Dalla Fontana


Last year Pam drove a Vespa from Paris to Belfast for a big scooter rally.

“I picked up a scooter in Paris and rode all over Britain all the way to Ireland, an absolutely fantastic rally. I made fantastic friends all over the world thanks to the scooter group,” she said. .

Last year she also joined three club members on a scooter rally in Canberra.

“We did 4000 kilometers in 10 days. It was pretty good,” she said.

She said the Vespa was a bit heavy for her, so she went for an Aprilia Scarabeo 125cc which had large wheels.

She now rides on a Scarabeo 200cc.

Wheel of a scooter
The club has been in existence for 17 years.(

ABC News: Brian Tegg


And what about the regular grunts of rush hour traffic in Hobart?

Club president Sharon Heritage believes more scooters and motorcycles on the road is the answer.

“Channel filtering [driving between two lanes of traffic] has been an important development, even if some motorists do not seem to be aware that it is now legal, ”she laments.

But she admits that getting a motorcycle license is much more complex and expensive these days.

Michael Dalla Fontana on his Vespa
Journalist Michael Dalla Fontana recently joined the club and took his vintage Vespa scooter on a 40 kilometer race.(

ABC News


Piaggio to launch powerful under 200cc Vespa scooter in India

For reference

Piaggio will use its new less than 200cc air-cooled fuel-injected BSVI complaint engine to power its Aprilia and Vespa brand scooters

We have already reported earlier that Piaggio is developing a powerful new motor for the Aprilia scooter. Managing Director and CEO of Piaggio Vehicles, Diego Graffi, recently said in an interview that the company will introduce a less than 200cc engine for the Aprilia scooter in India. Now a new report claims the under 200cc engine can power a new Vespa scooter as well.

Diego Graffi said: “It will be a big leap from what we are currently seeing in the Indian market and we will also give an overview of what might happen in the market afterwards. We are developing the scooter right now and it will be a fully customized Indian development. Everything that we develop in India in collaboration with the R&D center located in Italy, is specifically intended for the Indian market.

Although not much is known about the engine at the moment, except that the new engine will be between 150 and 200cc of displacement. Although the new engine is not exactly a 200cc unit, but still expect it to have a displacement of around 180cc. The new engine will be an air-cooled unit (to reduce the overall cost), conforming to BS VI standard. It will also feature fuel injection technology.

Piaggio to launch powerful under-200cc Vespa scooter in India 1
For reference

The engine will continue to use Piaggio’s three-valve configuration, which is also used in all of their two-wheel engines. Expect the new scooter to arrive around the second half of 2020 or early 2021. The launch of the more powerful Vespa will then be followed by the sub-200cc Aprilia scooter.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, there is a good chance that the next scooter will be on display at Auto Expo 2020. In addition to the introduction of the new under 200cc scooter, Apiila is currently working on the update. update its current product portfolio to meet future stricter BS VI emission standards. Aprilia also plans to introduce a powerful motorcycle to soon compete with the KTM Duke 200 and RC 200 in India.

Aprilia, the revamped range of Vespa scooters in India; details, prices and features explained

Piaggio India has reorganized its existing portfolio of premium scooters under the Aprilia and Vespa brands in India. The Italian team launched the new Aprilia SR 150 Race, the limited edition Carbon SR 150, new color options for the Aprilia SR150 and the Vespa scooter range, adding the much needed toe-in and tuck to stay ahead of the pack. his rivals.

Vespa and Aprilia 2018 range

2018 Aprilia SR 150 Race

The sporty version of the Aprilia SR 150 scooter, the Race Edition, is now inspired by the flagship RS-GP superbike, specially designed for MotoGP. In the RS-GP theme, the scooter sports a white base with red and green body graphics as well as 14 inch red alloys.

The scooter also benefits from an adjustable suspension, 220mm front disc brake, gold caliper, digital console and large windshield. The new Aprilia SR 150 Race was offered at a price of Rs 80,211 (ex-Pune showroom).

2018 Aprilia SR 150 Race
2018 Aprilia SR 150 Race

New colors for Aprilia SR 150

Piaggio India glamorized the SR 150 scooter standard with four new trendy colors – matte black, blue, glossy red and white. The scooter also gets adjustable suspension as part of the update. Aprilia will sell the updated SR 150 at Rs 70,031 (ex-showroom, Pune)

Aprilia Carbon SR 150

The Limited Edition Carbon SR 150 is inspired by the carbon components of Aprilia high-performance track bikes. The scooter gets an all-black theme, complemented by carbon graphics and a new adjustable suspension.

The Carbon SR 150 also has a 14 inch large wheel, 220mm disc brake, new digital cluster, USB connectivity option. It is priced at Rs 73,500 (ex-Pune showroom).

Aprila Vespa new range
new range of Aprila and Vespa scooters

All SR 150 variants are powered by the same air-cooled 154.4cc 3-valve single-cylinder engine which can produce 11.39 hp of power and 11.5 Nm of torque mated to a CVT unit.

New Vespa colors

The range of new Vespa scooters are known for their eye-catching colors and the company has added three more colors – Matt Rosso Dragon, Matt Yellow and Azzuro Provenza with machine-cut peripheral alloy wheels. The new range also benefits from a factory-installed mobile connectivity feature.

The Vespa range is now priced at Rs 91,140 for the VXL 150cc and Rs 97,276 for the SXL 150cc (ex-Pune showroom).

Vesps scooters in Azzuro Provenza
Vesps scooters in the shade Azzuro Provenza

Vespa scooter range gets new color scheme for 2019

The Italian scooter maker has launched new colors for its entire Vespa scooter portfolio, from the base model, the Notte 125, to the Elegant 150, its most premium production scooter on sale. From the Vespa Notte 125 the company valued it at Rs 68,829 (ex-Pune showroom), it is basically a VXL 125 with an all black paint scheme inspired by the GTS Notte sold at the ‘foreigner. It also does away with the chrome end caps for blackened mirrors, alloys and an exhaust silencer. Vespa has priced the SXL 150 and VXL 150 at Rs 91,140 and Rs 97,276 respectively. All prices ex showroom, Pune. The company‘s 125cc lineup, however, is due for a cosmetic update next month. Speaking of which, it rivals the Aprilia SR 125 (Rs 65,502), the Honda Grazia with disc (Rs 63,994), the TVS NTorq and the Suzuki Burgman Street (Rs 68,000).

Other than the new colors, the scooters are virtually intact. The 150cc engine versions are powered by a 154.8cc engine which produces 10.5PS at 6750rpm and 10.9Nm at 5000rpm. Functionally, these Italian scooters feature a semi-digital instrument console and five-spoke alloys with tubeless tires. In addition, the 7-liter fuel tank capacity available across the range is the largest in its segment. It now also has a smartphone connectivity app, through which you can access functions such as navigation, mobile connectivity, distress button and vehicle tracking.

Vespa scooter range gets new color scheme for 2019

It’s a similar story with mechanics. The Vespa scooter range uses the same high-stiffness steel monocoque structure as its chassis, a conventional lower link suspension up front and a single shock absorber at the rear. 150cc scooters come with a single 200mm disc brake at the front and 140mm drum brakes at the rear.

Vespa scooter range gets new color scheme for 2019

The scooter uses a 110 / 70-11 tire on the front and a thicker 120-70-11 rubber on the rear.


The famous Vespa scooter goes electric

Vespa has been manufacturing scooters since 1946 and is arguably the world’s most famous manufacturer of iconic city motorcycles.

Now he’s bringing the retro machine into the 21st century with the launch of a zero-emission fully electric scooter called the Vespa Elettrica.

Boasting a range of 62 miles and better performance than the 50cc petrol alternative, Piaggio, maker of the Vespa scooter, says it’s tailor-made for city driving.

Vespa Elettrica

Plus, with a remarkable 147 lb-ft of torque, it has pulling power equivalent to that of a 125 hp 1.0-liter Ecoboost Ford Fiesta, delivering “brilliant” response and acceleration far from the line.

When riders slow down, it recharges the battery – Vespa calls it an F1-style KERS system, but in reality, this is just an electrical regeneration function of the regular battery.

Because the scooter is so light, it can get away with a small 4.2kW ​​lithium-ion battery. Even with a conventional household outlet, the charging time is four hours: it will be even faster with larger capacity public chargers.

Vespa says the battery should stay in peak condition for 1,000 full charge cycles, which equates to about 43,000 miles or 10 years of use. Even then, it will still have 80% of its capacity left.

The battery is located under the helmet compartment, so the Vespa Elettrica can still safely swallow a helmet when parked.

Vespa Elettrica X

Vespa Elettrica

That’s not all. If you need more range, the company has unveiled an extendable scooter called the Vespa Elettrica X.

This combines a small gasoline generator, a three-liter fuel tank and a smaller battery: it will travel 50 km in fully electric mode, then 150 km with the generator, which gives a total range of almost 125 km.

It’s “ideal for riding out of town,” says Vespa.

Both scooters are equipped with a 4.3 inch TFT color display, including a multimedia system that connects to smartphones. Vespa has also developed a smartphone app that riders can use to view incoming calls and messages on the screen.

The new range of Vespa Elettrica scooters will go on sale in October, first in Italy, before expanding to Europe. Sales will then expand to North America and Asia from early 2019.

Prices? Still to be confirmed. But don’t expect a retro price for this all-electric Vespa scooter …

Piaggio will launch the marketing of a Vespa electric scooter by the end of October

The iconic Vespa scooter goes electric! Italian two-wheeler major Piaggio announced today that it will start production of Vespa Elettrica (electric scooter) in September. The long-awaited electric version of the Vespa scooter will be produced at the Pontedera plant in the province of Pisa, the same where Vespa first went off the line in 1946. The facility is today one of the leaders global technologies in terms of the design, development and production of advanced mobility solutions.

From October, the first batch of Vespa electric scooters will be available for booking, exclusively online on the dedicated website, which the company says will incorporate innovative all-inclusive financing formulas that will join conventional purchasing systems. . Piaggio specifies that the price will be in line with the high-end segment of the Vespa range currently on the market.

The Vespa Elettrica will be introduced to the European market from the end of October reaching its full scale in November to coincide with the EICMA show in Milan 2018. Sales will begin in Europe and then expand to the United States and Asia from early 2019.

The major of two-wheelers affirms that the Vespa Elettrica is a first step for the Piaggio group towards a new wealth of interconnection between vehicles and human operators. The e-scooter will be ready to be fitted in the near future with solutions under development for Gita, the robot currently under study at Piaggio Fast Forward in Boston (which will go into production in early 2019), as well as as a artificial intelligence systems both adaptive and responsive to all human input. They will be aware of people and other vehicles moving nearby, extend the operator’s ability to detect potential dangers and opportunities, and provide real-time map and traffic data that helps improve the design of transportation infrastructure. in the towns.

The company claims that these next-generation vehicles will know their operators perfectly, that they will be able to recognize them without a key fob, anticipate driving choices, interact with other devices and vehicles on the road and to allow a higher degree of customization.

Technical specifications
The powertrain of the Vespa Elettrica delivers 2 kW of continuous power and a peak power of 4 kW, a torque of over 200 Nm, which she claims is greater than that of a traditional 50cc scooter and has a range maximum of 100 km. The e-scooter is equipped with a modern lithium-ion battery and an efficient energy recovery system (KERS, Kinetic Energy Recovery System), which recharges during deceleration, and can be recharged in 4 hours about.

The company will also present an X version of the Vespa Elettrica which will have a range of up to 200 km thanks to its gasoline generator which, depending on the driving style, saves the battery charge. To make room for the generator set and its fuel tank (3 liters), the Vespa Elettrica X will use a smaller battery which, with the generator set off, offers a range of up to 50 km. The generator will add another 150 km to the range, bringing it to 200 km, a figure that also makes Vespa Elettrica suitable for out-of-town driving. The generator will start automatically when the battery charge level drops below a certain threshold or can be entered manually by the rider by selecting the Extender mode.

Is the Vespa Elettrica coming to India?

In a previous interaction with Professional Coach, Diego Graffi, CEO and Managing Director of Piaggio Vehicles India, said the company made a very clear choice to always be different from other companies when it entered the Indian market. “Whenever we plan to enter the market with these products, we will consider full localization as we need to keep the prices affordable here,” Graffi said. Piaggio had already presented the electric Vespa at Auto Expo 2018 held in New Delhi, and had also hinted that it would consider launching electric vehicles in India.

The iconic Vespa scooter, now 70, gets an all-new electric powertrain

The Vespa scooter is undeniably an icon on European streets.

For 70 years, Vespas have been buzzing on the roads, but the buzz will soon give way to an almost silent buzz in the company’s latest scooter.

Earlier this month at the Milan Motorcycle Show, Vespa announced its first all-electric scooter, dubbed the Elettrica.

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The Elettrica trades in a small gasoline-tank combustion engine for a lithium-ion battery and an electric motor with a continuous power of 2 kilowatts and a peak power of 4 kilowatts.

The electric Vespa offers better acceleration than a traditional scooter, with more power than typical 50 cc scooters.

For Europeans, the idea of ​​a silent scooter can be a relief; the buzzing and howling of mopeds and scooters is a common sound and often adds to urban noise pollution.

All electric Vespa Elettrica scooter

However, Vespa will also introduce an Elettrica X model with an extended runtime generator, so not all Elettrica will be entirely silent.

All-electric Vespas will travel up to 100 kilometers (62 miles) on a single charge, but the Model X doubles that range to 200 kilometers (124 miles).

Cyclists can plug the electric scooter into a standard outlet and fully charge it in four hours, and public charging stations will also work.

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While the Elettrica remains true to the iconic Vespa design, the electric scooter contains more technology than ever before.

Cyclists, for example, will find an integrated 4.3-inch touchscreen with smartphone connectivity, a far cry from the original Vespa’s only speedometer.

Vespa will also launch an app to connect a pilot’s cell phone via Bluetooth to manage calls and music.

All electric Vespa Elettrica scooter

All electric Vespa Elettrica scooter

Vespa plans to offer the electric scooter in a chrome gray finish, although buyers can choose from seven different trim color options.

While scooters are not as popular in the United States as in Europe, the Elettrica will be offered worldwide.

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The switch from Vespa to electric scooters follows measures taken by many European countries to ban the sale of new cars powered by an internal combustion engine, from 2025.

The Piaggio Group will start production of Elettrica next year and electric scooters will hit the road soon after.


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World’s oldest Vespa scooter could reach € 300,000 at auction

London: The world’s oldest Vespa, a handcrafted scooter that featured in Audrey Hepburn’s hit 1953 film Roman Holiday, is up for auction and is expected to fetch € 300,000. The scooter, with chassis number 1003, is the third Vespa ever made by Piaggio, the Italian manufacturer.

The scooter is part of Piaggio’s “0 series”, which included 60 prototypes. The first two prototypes no longer exist. “We hope this Vespa ends up in the hands of a collector or a museum who will protect this piece of Italian history for future generations,” said Davide Marelli, Vespa expert at Catawiki, an auction site in line.

The scooter was handcrafted in 1946 and is in working order. He should raise between 250,000 and 300,000 €.

The history of Vespa dates back to the end of World War II. Piaggio was originally a manufacturer of warplanes, but they were no longer allowed to continue production after the war due to Italy’s collaboration with the Germans.

As a result, Piaggio’s management team reoriented manufacturing efforts on the now famous scooters. From 1946 Piaggio became known for its Vespa scooters which quickly became popular in Italy.

In 1953, the release of Audrey Hepburn’s film Roman Holiday, a film that features the scooter in a leading role, set Vespa on the path to cult status today.

As is the case with some cars, Vespa scooters have become more and more valuable over time. “Thanks to a huge fan base, old Vespa scooters tend to retain their monetary value,” said Marelli. “A 1970s Vespa scooter, for example, may be worth five times its original retail price. The older the Vespa, the more valuable it is,” he said.

The auction is currently underway and will run until March 28.

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The oldest Vespa scooter is for sale and is worth a fortune

The Vespa scooter was designed as an affordable way to get Italians back on the road after WWII, but it doesn’t come cheap.

The oldest existing Vespa is auctioned online at and at the time of this writing, it was closing at $ 175,000 with the auction scheduled to close on March 28.

The fully documented “Serie 0” was in fact the third Vespa built, the first two having been lost in history. It has been fully restored, with paint carefully stripped to highlight its early construction methods, which include a hand-welded and hammered steel monocoque. About 60 of these pre-production models were made before a formal assembly line was established.

The single-seater’s 98cc engine is still running and its three-speed transmission works great. If it wasn’t worth that much, you could take it home. It even has the original license plate preserved in clear varnish.


The auction house estimates that the auction could reach nearly $ 350,000 by the end of the auction. That would drop the most expensive scooter sold to date in the UK: a replica of the Lambretta from the movie “Quadrophenia”, signed by Roger Daltry and Pete Townshend of The Who and auctioned for charity in 2013.

The scooter used during the shoot sold for around $ 58,000 in 2008 and has not been on sale since.


The oldest Vespa scooter currently offered for online auction

The oldest Vespa is a prototype of the iconic scooter built in 1946 | Catawiki photos

The world’s oldest Vespa scooter, the third prototype built by Piaggio in 1946, is currently up for auction on the online auction site Catawiki, with an expected result of $ 250,000 to $ 300,000.

That might sound like a lot for a simple Italian scooter, but consider this example a historical artefact of the effort to provide cheap and efficient transportation for a nation devastated by WWII. With several million produced, the Vespa scooter became emblematic of a young Neapolitan way of life and was very popular around the world.

The Vespa with its engine cover removed

The auctions have already exceeded $ 174,000 will be updated for chassis # 1003 – the first two prototypes no longer exist – with five days of auction. The auction is visible on Vespa auction.

The Vespa scooter, based on the original design concept of Corradino d’Ascanio, the engineering genius who also invented the helicopter, is considered an iconic example of industrial art and immediately recognizable everywhere. With its frameless monocoque design and single cylinder engine, gearbox and rear axle combined into one unit, Vespa defined the style of scooter design that continues today.

The oldest Vespa received a ‘tutorial restoration”And is in working order, according to the auction description. The paint has been removed from the body and finished in varnish to show its handcrafted construction.

“Over the years, Vespa has become the # 1 symbol representing Italy,” Davide Marelli, Vespa expert at Catawiki, said in a press release. “The brand is known around the world and many collectors acquire antique Vespas.

“We hope this Vespa ends up in the hands of a collector or in a museum that will protect this piece of Italian history for future generations.”

The oldest existing Vespa scooter goes up for auction

Sorry Ferrari and Fiat, but one of the most attractive and durable Italian modes of transport has to be the venerable Vespa scooter. Accessible and affordable, embodying fun and adventure, this iconic scooter (the name means Wasp in Italian) dates back to 1946 when warplane maker Piaggio was forced to enter a new manufacturing line at the end of the Second World War.

To quote the original patent application, a Vespa is classified as a ‘motorcycle with rationally placed parts and components with a combined frame with mudguards and an engine cover covering all working parts’, of which “The whole constitutes a rational and comfortable motorcycle offering protection from mud and dust without compromising the requirements of appearance and elegance.

Vespas became part of the cultural landscape with the release of the 1953 film ‘Roman Holidays’, in which Audrey Hepburn was famous on the handlebars with Gregory Peck piloting the streets of Rome in a 1951 Piaggio 125 model.

While this particular model resides in a small museum in Tolochenaz, Switzerland (the Swiss hamlet in which Hepburn resided until his death in 1993), the world’s oldest Vespa goes up for auction this month on the site online auction Catawiki. Carrying the chassis number 1003, it is the third of Piaggio’s “0 Series” of 60 prototype scooters, the first two no longer existing. Not only does the 1003 model still work, but it is expected to make the Ferrari money, which is between 250,000 and 300,000 euros ($ 270,000 – $ 324,420).

“Over the years, Vespa has become the # 1 symbol representing Italy,” says Davide Marelli, Vespa expert at Catawiki. “The brand is known around the world and many collectors acquire antique Vespas. We hope this Vespa ends up in the hands of a collector or museum who will protect this piece of Italian history for future generations. “

The first Vespas were also sold in North America under the Sears Allstate and Cushman brands (we had an older Allstate version with a small two-stroke engine in the late 1980s). Hollywood luminaries immediately turned to the accommodating two-wheeler, with even tough guys like John Wayne, Marlon Brando, Dean Martin and Charlton Heston being seen riding Vespas in their respective movie studios between takes. After withdrawing from the US market in 1981, Vespas returned in 2001 with a new line of premium touring scooters that retain elements of the brand’s iconic styling.

Older Vespas have gained in value in recent years and have become coveted collectibles in their own right. “Thanks to a huge fan base, old Vespa scooters tend to retain their monetary value,” says Marelli. “A Vespa scooter from the 1970s, for example, may be worth five times as much as its original retail price. The older the Vespa, the more valuable it is.”

The auction is currently underway here and will run until March 28.

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Vintage Vespa Scooter Delivered to Dunfermline Museum and Art Gallery

FRIDAY the 13th may bring bad luck for some, but it was not for the Dunfermline Museum and Art Gallery which received a very special delivery.

After a public poll on what West Fifers wanted to see at the entrance to the new museum, a kind donation of a vintage Vespa scooter from 1958 was donated by a local.

In 2013, museum staff surveyed the public to see what items they would like to see in the entrance portal.

After a poll at Kingsgate, local elementary schools, Carnegie Leisure Center and Carnegie Hall, the scooter was at the top of the list for all age groups.

There were 60 objects to choose from related to the different themes of the new museum.

The scooter took the top spot as children enjoyed the cool design of the scooter while bringing back memories of older generations.

Douglas Groom kindly donated his 1958 Vespa, but it needed some restoration work after being in his garage for several years.

Local conservator Davie Hynd and his son Scott offered to undertake work for the display when the museum opens in May.

Lesley McNaughton, Research and Activities Assistant at the Fife Cultural Trust, said: “As always, we have been blown away by the generosity and goodwill of our DCLG volunteers!

“For Douglas, deciding to donate his Vespa to us was a very selfless and generous act and we cannot thank Davie and Scott enough for all the time, energy and skill they put into the restoration.

“It looks fantastic! One of the many strengths of the project!

The iconic Vespa scooter goes electric

The Piaggio Group unveiled from the EICMA 2016 show in Italy, a new all-electric Electric Vespa scooter.

The iconic electric scooter will hit the market in the second half of 2017.

There are no specs, details or pricing, but the all-electric scooter is expected to offer similar performance to conventional models, but at a slightly higher price point.

Electric Vespa

The Piaggio Group is investing in electric motors to redesign the mobility of the future.

Presentation of the Vespa Elettrica project, the new mobility solution according to the most elegant and popular two-wheeler brand in the world, which takes a step towards the future in total coherence with the values ​​that have accompanied its history.

Above all, the Vespa Elettrica will be a true Vespa, bringing the very latest in electrical technology to a vehicle that will retain all of the features that have been essential to its success. Style, agility, ease of use and driving pleasure will be the same as the Vespa we’ve always known, with the addition of technological and innovative connectivity solutions. A perfect blend of excitement, technology and respect for the environment that only Vespa can create. As it always has in its first seventy years of history.

source: Engadget

Vespa scooter – plan for the classic moped

Find out why the Vespa scooter is a design classic.

The world’s most recognizable scooter, the Vespa, was born out of the ashes of WWII in Italy. With the country’s aircraft building facilities in ruins after being bombed by the Allies, manufacturers were looking for new markets. Postwar Italy was a mess, with its road infrastructure in tatters and a barely functioning economy. Industrialist Enrico Piaggio, son of the owner of the aeronautical engineering company of the same name, decided it was time to create an affordable two-wheeled mode of transport to get his compatriots back to work.

Piaggio called on the talents of engineers Renzo Spolti and Vittorio Casini, but quickly realized that their efforts were not producing the goods, with their first model called the MP5 (a direct ancestor of the Vespa) not responding to the notebook. charges. This led Piaggio to hire Corradino D’Ascanio who, despite being an aircraft designer and having a strong aversion to motorcycles, was seen as the man for the job. D’Ascanio’s prototype – the MP6 – defined the design principles of the Vespa in that it was a true “scooter”, which was later to be defined as a two-wheeled motorized bicycle with a “step by step” frame, floors and a closed motor at the back. When Piaggio first saw the MP6, he would have exclaimed “sembra una vespa” (“it looks like a wasp”).

In the spring of 1946, patents were filed for a “model of a practical nature” constituting “a rational and comfortable motorcycle”. The essence of the design was that it would be easy to manufacture and its frame would allow new models to be brought into production quickly. It would also be affordable.

Yet the world’s favorite motor scooter got off to a rough start. The official press launch took place at the Rome Golf Club in front of a group of mystified journalists who were bowled over by the now-familiar aerodynamic fairing profiles that were so inspired by aircraft design. Early sales were desperately slow, and in 1947 Piaggio moved only 2,500 units.

Product placement in the movies is nothing new, and when Audrey Hepburn left unconvincingly on Gregory Peck’s Vespa in “Roman Holiday” the world went Vespa mad. Experts at believe that the fleeting glimpse of the young starlet on the scooter boosted sales by 100,000 and made the Vespa practically a must-have accessory in the film industry (the model she drove was the ‘one of the originals and not the phenomenally popular 125, as pictured here). says that in 1962 there were over 60 films featuring the Italian scooter. Even big-screen toughs Marlon Brando, Dean Martin, and Charlton Heston have been seen riding off-screen Vespas.

By 1970 Piaggio claimed the production and sale of over four million Vespas worldwide. The scooter had become more than an economical, functional and efficient means of transport; he had come to represent freedom and imagination. He was to experience another heyday as a cultural marker of the Mod movement.

While evolving into a series of ever popular models including the 125, 150GS and Primavera, the Vespa line has seen more than its fair share of ups and downs since its heyday in the 1960s. Changes in ownership , cheaper competition and changes in emissions laws have all negatively impacted the ability of the scooter to enter the market. Yet it has rebounded considerably in the 21st century, having been marketed as a premium product and, as a result, gaining popularity in the celebrity world.

Vespa scooter

Facts and figures

Date: 1946

Designer: Corradino D’Ascanio

Unit cost: 1950s models today sell for up to £ 10,000

‘Vespa’ is Italian for wasp

Designer Corradino D’Ascanio didn’t like motorcycles

18 million units have been sold since 1946

245-mile range on a single tank of fuel

Strongly featured in the Who’s rock opera ‘Quadrophenia’

There have been 34 different versions of the Vespa to date

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Roxy Jacenko poses on a Vespa scooter in Sydney ahead of Pixie Curtis’ birthday party

Biker chick! Roxy Jacenko poses on a Vespa scooter in a chic all-black ensemble in Sydney before flying to Hong Kong for her daughter Pixie’s big 5th birthday celebrations

She is busy preparing for her daughter Pixie’s fifth birthday.

But Roxy Jacenko took advantage of her busy schedule to try out a new Vespa scooter at Double Bay in Sydney this week.

The 36-year-old posed for a photo on Instagram Thursday afternoon as he sat on one of the Italian motorcycles.

Easy Rider! PR maven Roxy Jacenko posed for a photo on Instagram on Thursday as she sat on a Vespa scooter in Sydney’s Double Bay

‘Sorry not Sorry Mom !!’ she captioned the sun-drenched photo.

The PR maven held the victory sign in one hand, while the other held the handlebars firmly as she sat on the heels of the scooter.

Appearing to come out of the office, the blonde beauty wore black tailored pants with a black T-shirt and a blazer on top.

Roxy wore her locks long and in the center with the wind kicking up tendrils.

Birthday preparations: On Wednesday, Roxy posted a photo of herself carrying a giant bouquet of flowers as she rushed into town for last minute supplies for Pixie's party

Birthday preparations: On Wednesday, Roxy posted a photo of herself carrying a giant bunch of flowers as she rushed into town for last-minute Pixie party supplies

Back to the heart of the matter: The mother-of-two was back to her usual activities after going under the knife to remove a cancerous lump on her breast last week

Back to the heart of the matter: The mother-of-two was back to her usual activities after going under the knife to remove a cancerous lump on her breast last week

The mother-of-two looked radiant in the photo, while hiding her eyes behind her signature aviator sunglasses.

Just a day earlier, the busy businesswoman and single mom was rushing to prepare the first of many festivities for her daughter’s milestone birthday.

Before heading home to deliver Pixie her own MacBook laptop and a slew of other freebies along with a big cake, Roxy was seen picking up last-minute supplies.

Earlier today, she posted a photo of herself carrying a giant bouquet of flowers.

Birthday loot: Roxy ran home to deliver Pixie her own MacBook laptop along with a big Shopkins cake, ahead of her 5th birthday on August 16

Birthday loot: Roxy ran home to deliver Pixie her own MacBook laptop along with a big Shopkins cake, ahead of her 5th birthday on August 16

Early Treats: Pixie got plenty of goodies and balloons at the first celebrations

Early Treats: Pixie got plenty of goodies and balloons at the first celebrations

“Early mark for my little @pixiecurtis 5th anniversary celebration tonight via @silverservice_ #silverservicetaxis #sp,” she captioned the image.

She also shared a photo of herself drying her hair.

Roxy appears determined to keep life as normal after going under the knife last week to treat a cancerous lump on her breast.

Life as usual: Since being diagnosed with breast cancer and her husband's conviction for insider trading, Roxy has tried to keep life normal for her children Pixie and Hunter (center)

Life as usual: Since being diagnosed with breast cancer and her husband’s conviction for insider trading, Roxy has tried to keep life normal for her children Pixie and Hunter (center)

It will also be Pixie’s first birthday without her father, Oliver Curtis.

The investment banker celebrated his first birthday behind bars last Monday – a month after being jailed for conspiring to commit insider trading.

PR specialist plans big, long celebrations for her granddaughter’s milestone, taking the family to Hong Kong for a vacation

Big celebrations: PR expert plans big, long celebrations for her granddaughter's milestone, taking family to Hong Kong for vacation

Big celebrations: PR expert plans big, long celebrations for her baby girl’s milestone, taking family to Hong Kong for vacation

Tom Hanks shows off his beard on a Vespa scooter in Los Angeles

Larry plays the clown! Tom Hanks shows off his white beard as he has a ball on a fashionable Vespa scooter around Los Angeles

He fell in love with the scooter on the set of box office bombshell Larry Crowne.

And it looks like old habits die hard for Tom Hanks after he was spotted taking a jaunt in his fashionable Vespa in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The 59-year-old looked like he was having fun as he rode his wicked machine through the upscale Pacific Palisades neighborhood.

Born to be wild: Tom Hanks was spotted cranking his engine on a scooter ride in Los Angeles on Saturday

The Bonfire Of The Vanities favorite took great pleasure in showing off his white beard, which he drew attention to by wearing a white open-faced hard hat.

He completed his tough biker look by wearing a trendy green hooded top, shorts, flip flops and chunky-rimmed tinted glasses.

Tom had a great time riding glamorous Julia Roberts in Larry Crowne, which he also directed, but admitted at the premiere that it almost proved their downfall.

The witty star said, “The only scene where I walk her home, I almost got into a car. She said, ‘You almost killed us both’ and I said:” Hush, hush, I don’t want the director to know that! “‘

How good: Hillary Clinton supporter wore flip flops for her outing in the sun

A little all white: the handsome actor has proven that he turns into a silver fox with his macho beard

A little all white: the handsome actor has proven that he turns into a silver fox with his macho beard

Riding his iron horse: The actor proved he enjoys the thrill of the freeway as he sped along in his Vespa

Riding his iron horse: The actor proved he enjoys the thrill of the freeway as he sped along in his Vespa

Tom is quite the master of transport when it comes to the big screen.

In addition to riding a 1981 Yamaha Riva in Crowne, he also rode a BMW sports motorcycle in the 1987 classic comedy, Dragnet.

He has also proven to be an adept of navigation, having played the role of a container ship commander in Captain Phillips in 2013, as he paddled the tropics in a dinghy on his popular tour. forcibly acting in 2000 Cast Away.

Indeed, he even managed to launch a slingshot around the moon in his critically acclaimed tower as astronaut Jim Lovell in the 1995 hit historical drama Apollo 13.

Fatal attraction: Tom confessed he almost killed his sweetheart Julia Roberts when they filmed Larry Crowne

Fatal attraction: Tom confessed he almost killed his sweetheart Julia Roberts when they filmed Larry Crowne

It's more like that: he put a female co-star on his helicopter when he filmed the 1987 comedy Dragnet

It’s more like that: he put a female co-star on his helicopter when he filmed the 1987 comedy Dragnet

Transport Master: He even proved adept at paddling an inflatable dinghy in Cast Away.

Transport Master: He even proved adept at paddling an inflatable dinghy in Cast Away.

Tom Hanks turns heads as he speeds up on a trendy Vespa scooter in Los Angeles

Catch Me If You Can! Tom Hanks turns heads as he speeds up on a trendy Vespa scooter in Los Angeles

On the big screen, he traveled all over America and drifted across the ocean on a makeshift raft.

But Tom Hanks was seen zooming in on a more trendy and reliable mode of transportation as he took a scooter ride in Los Angeles on Friday.

He seemed to be having a good time as he raced through the sunny streets of Santa Monica astride his Vespa.

Scroll down for video

The sweet: Tom Hanks looked like he was having fun riding his scooter in Los Angeles on Friday

The 59-year-old looked remarkably sharp for his age in a gray t-shirt, shorts and sandals combo.

Happy Days favorite Tom completed his look with a white hard hat and a pair of sunglasses.

In arguably his most iconic role in Forrest Gump, Tom has leaned on his swift feet to get around places ranging from Savannah, Georgia, to Vietnam.

Not bad for 59: actor looked good for his age as he sped through trendy Santa Monica

Not bad for 59: actor looked good for his age as he sped through trendy Santa Monica

Larry Crowne returns: but even his most loyal fans are unlikely to be excited about the prospect

Larry Crowne returns: but even his most loyal fans are unlikely to be excited about the prospect

Nice headpiece: The hip actor paired his protective headgear with a trendy pair of sunglasses

Nice headpiece: The hip actor paired his protective headgear with a trendy pair of sunglasses

But he managed to sate his love of horseback riding when he filmed the horrid romantic comedy Larry Crown in 2010.

The movie received horrendous reviews, but in despair, Tom tried to generate some interest by showing up to the premiere while riding a scooter.

His co-star Julia Roberts, who rode in the back of the bike with him during scenes in the film, was quick to point out that he was far from a fluent operator.

“He almost killed me,” she joked about filming with the veteran star. “He almost tore my leg off – The right leg!” “

It's all downhill from here: his Vespa's engine would benefit from the momentum as he descended the hill

It’s all downhill from here: his Vespa’s engine would benefit from the momentum as he descended the hill

Run Forest run: Its most iconic character relied on a more rudimentary means of transport

Run Forest run: Its most iconic character relied on a more rudimentary means of transport

Scooter riders warming up for next weekend’s Redcar Scooter rally

Redcar will resonate with the sound of two-stroke engines when it welcomes scooter enthusiasts from across the country next weekend.

The annual Redcar Scooter rally will be held again on June 5-6, having been resuscitated in 2014 after a hiatus of more than 20 years.

Scooter drivers gathered at the Stray Cafe in Redcar yesterday for a warm-up before the big event begins in earnest.

Damian Hunt, 45, who is hosting next weekend’s event alongside his friend Paul Power, said: “Last year has been brilliant. Over 1000 people came with their scooters and it was a great success.

“Obviously we want to get bigger and better every year, so we want more people to join us this year.

“I think it’s a good thing for Redcar. We have sold tickets to people all over England, I think the furthest away so far is Northampton.

“This means, hopefully, good business for businesses – pubs, cafes, bed and breakfasts – in Redcar.

“I remember the scooter rallies we had at Redcar in the 1980s. It got me into it when I was a kid. I liked the style, I liked the music and the lifestyle.

Dozens of scooter riders gathered for a preview of the rally yesterday, including 19-year-old Charlie Leech.

The Redcar teenager brought his Vespa scooter, which he spent £ 1,300 to modify.

He said: “I can’t wait to be at the rally. When I was in school, I got into music and then clothes and I said to myself: I need to get a scooter.

Music over the two-day festival, which will be held at the Redcar Rugby Club, will come from Clashed, The Extra Specials, Ordinary Affairs, Slow Moving Targets, The Revolve and Acoustic Weller.

Tickets are available for Friday and Saturday events, and for the whole weekend plus camping, on the website or Facebook at Redcar Scooter Rally 2015.