MO Electric Scooter Seat

Seat’s MO electric scooter range now consists of three offerings – eKickScooter65, eKickScooter25 and eScooter 125

Seat MO has officially launched its latest electric scooter featuring the MO eScooter 125 in Europe. Seat is traditionally an automobile brand, which falls under the Volkswagen Group with headquarters in Barcelona, ​​Spain. But they’ve also teamed up with electric two-wheeler manufacturers called Silence, for the production of electric scooters and solo electric vehicles.

As part of this, they have now launched a brand new scooter called MO 125, which aims to compete with 125cc gasoline scooters. The scooter entered series production on December 15 this year.

The Seat MO electric scooter is made in Sant Boi de Llobregat outside Barcelona in partnership with the manufacturer of electric vehicles Silence. Earlier in August of this year, the scooter was launched specifically for ridesharing applications and is now open for retail sale in the Spanish market as a personal mobility option.

Introductory price

By the end of March 2021, this scooter will reach more European markets such as Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Sweden. At present, the scooter is available at 18 Seat dealers across Spain. The scooter is essentially a rebadged Silence S01. After the expansion, it will be launched in Portugal in the second half of 2021. In Spain, the electric scooter has been offered at a price of € 6,250 (equivalent to INR 5.65 lakh).

MO Electric Scooter Seat
MO Electric Scooter Seat

Design features

The MO 125 electric scooter was marketed as a valid alternative to conventional 125cc gasoline scooters. Moreover, it follows a design language and shape similar to conventional IC motor scooters. It also features distinctive styling cues such as a round headlight mounted on the front apron, a long windshield and asymmetrical instrument console.

The front fairing also receives air intakes on both sides. Its battery pack has been carefully positioned so that the storage space below can accommodate two helmets.

MO Electric Scooter Seat
MO Electric Scooter Seat

The company says it will offer the electric scooter with its own connected smartphone application, which could provide crucial data on the position and driving statistics of the scooter. It also has 2 USB phone charging points. MO eScooter 125 is available in three colors: Oxygen White, Bold Red and Aluminum Gray.

Powertrain Specifications and Performance

As for its powertrain, the MO eScooter 125 is powered by a 9 kW electric motor mounted on hub which can return a continuous power of 7 kW / 9.4 hp. This motor is paired with a large 5.6 kWh lithium-ion battery which can be removed and can be charged via a household power outlet. It receives 240 NM of torque on its wheels, which is more than enough for city trips. It can reach a top speed of 95 km / h.

It can sprint from 0 to 50 km / h in just 3.9 seconds. The e-scooter is offered with three driving modes – City, Sport and Eco and an integrated reverse gear for easy maneuverability. In Eco mode, the company claims a range in a single charge of 137 km. Since the battery is removable, the company will also offer an option to swap them out in the future. It is the third electric scooter in the Catalan car manufacturer’s portfolio after eKickScooter65 and eKickScooter25.

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