A convoy of scooter riders celebrated the funeral of a popular father, grandfather and Mod Sherwood in Quadrophenia style.

The grandfather of five, Danny Pugh, died on December 13 at the age of 58 after battling heart disease for seven years.

He worked as a porter before becoming a DJ.

Mr. Pugh owned two scooters and was passionate about Northern Soul and Motown classics, as well as Mod The Who staples.

To honor her father, her 32-year-old daughter Dee Bonsoir rallied around for people with Mod-style scooters to come forward and help lead the funeral procession.

After posting a pre-funeral appeal on Facebook, she was amazed at the reaction from Mods across the country as around 30 riders showed up on Vespas and Lambrettas to provide the colorful procession as friends and family said moving farewells.

The funeral took place on Monday January 6 and scooters escorted Mr Pugh’s casket from his home in Sheridan Way to the Wilford Hill Crematorium.

Ms Bonsoir, a community caregiver from Brinsley, said: “I had so many answers to the call, it was amazing.

“To have this farewell is unreal, he would love it, (it) means so much to us.

“Dad grew up loving mods. He always owned a scooter and rode with scooter clubs. He loved records from the 60s and 70s, Northern Soul and Motown.

“He had a few parkas, fox tails for his scooters and he had a room dedicated to the 60s and 70s.

“He loved The Who and Quadrophenia.

“Before his heart disease got worse, he was pretty straightforward, with a great sense of humor – sometimes inappropriate.

Danny Pugh, a former doorman, DJ and Mod fan.

“Dad was a porter for many years at various locations in Nottingham and Arnold, then DJ at the Carrington Inn.”

She added, “Seven years ago she was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy.

“He went from a bubbly, lovable, party-loving person to a shadow of himself.

“He would be bedridden for days at a time. He became short of breath. He lost his sense of humor. He was quite depressed.

Danny Pugh's funeral was held at Wilford Hill Cemetery.
Danny Pugh’s funeral was held at Wilford Hill Cemetery.

“He wasn’t able to be as active as before. He sold his DJ stuff.

“For the past five months he was texting us to tell us how much he loved us. He certainly knew what was going on.

Danny Pugh's funeral was held at Wilford Hill Cemetery.
Danny Pugh’s funeral was held at Wilford Hill Cemetery.

“I feel like he hung on until I found someone decent. I’m with a really nice guy now.

“I felt like as soon as Dad found out I was taken care of he was able to leave.”

Mr Pugh was the father of Dee and brother Ben Bonsoir, 31, as well as younger sons Jack, 11, and Jake, four, whom he had with his partner, 18, Rachel Coupland.

He also has five grandchildren aged 15, seven, three, two and one.

Mr Pugh’s heart stopped on December 8 and, although he was resuscitated by paramedics, he was placed in a induced coma at Nottingham City Hospital in the intensive care unit.

On December 13, his family was told that he was showing no response and was suffering from multiple organ failure, so the decision was made to “let him go.”

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