TVS has sold over 10,000 EVs in 2021-22 and the brand is looking to capture a good chunk of the EV market with the help of government initiatives such as the PLI grant and FAME II. The TVS iQube is one of the best selling electric scooters on the market today. Launched in 2020, the Indian motorcycle manufacturer upgraded the scooter earlier this year with powerful motors, high capacity battery and tons of new features under the hood. Here is everything you need to know about the TVS iQube India on-road price, specs, features, competition, and more.

TVS iQube Price in India

TVS iQube debuted in early 2020, marking the automaker’s electric two-wheeler journey into the country. The EV was recently refreshed in the country, with three new variants, namely iQube, iQube S and iQube ST. The vanilla variant and the S variant of iQube are priced close to Rs 99,130 ​​and Rs 1.09,256 respectively in Delhi, and a similar price difference on the road can also be seen in other cities. Customers can claim a FAME II grant of Rs 51,000 in addition to the ex-showroom price when purchasing any of the TVS iQube variants.

As for the TVS iQube ST, its pricing and availability details remain under wraps for now.

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TVS iQube ex-showroom and on-road prices by city

The price of TVS iQube in different cities in India is as follows:

delhi Rs 1,61,056 99,130 ​​rupees Rs 700 5,374 rupees
Bombay Rs 1,62,637 Rs 1,08,268 Rs.758 5,473 rupees
bangalore Rs 1,56,514 Rs 1,12,230 Rs 1200 5,517 rupees
Pune Rs 1,62,637 Rs 1,08,268 Rs.758 5,473 rupees
Hyderabad Rs 1,59,556 Rs 1,15,293 1,185 rupees 5,552 rupees
Ahmedabad Rs 1,60,750 Rs 1,04,604 10,086 rupees 4,768 rupees
Chennai Rs 1,59,584 Rs 1,14,936 Rs 800 5,552 rupees
Kolkata Rs 1,61,278 Rs 1,26,463 10,614 rupees 5,572 rupees
Chandīgarh Rs 1,64,407 Rs 1,20,034 1,020 rupees 5,608 rupees
Cochin Rs 1,60,945 Rs 1,24,760 9,247 rupees 5,568 rupees
Lucknow Rs 1,59,367 Rs 1,30,665 16,738 rupees 5,514 rupees
Jaipur Rs 1,59,567 Rs 1,04,222 1,100 rupees 5,427 rupees

The price of TVS iQube S in different cities in India is as follows:

delhi Rs 1,66,050 Rs 1,09,256 Rs 700 5,431 rupees
Bombay Rs 1,65,434 Rs 1,16,171 1,158 rupees 5,505 rupees
bangalore Rs 1,59,360 Rs 1,20,183 1,200 rupees 5,550 rupees
Pune Rs 1,65,434 Rs 1,16,171 1,158 rupees 5,505 rupees
Hyderabad Rs 1,60,591 Rs 1,21,413 1,185 rupees 5,564 rupees
Ahmedabad Rs 1,62,785 Rs 1,11,853 10,202 rupees 4,792 rupees
Chennai Rs 1,60,619 Rs 1,21,057 Rs 800 5,564 rupees
Kolkata Rs 1,63,113 Rs 1,33,503 10,724 rupees 3,593 rupees
Chandīgarh Rs 1,67,242 Rs 1,27,976 1,120 rupees 4,438 rupees
Cochin Rs 1,61,980 Rs 1,30,933 Rs 1200 5,580 rupees
Lucknow Rs 1,61,202 Rs 1,37,768 16,921 rupees 5,571 rupees
Jaipur Rs 1,62,402 Rs 1,12,164 Rs 800 5,460 rupees

TVS iQube Key Features

  • Engine power: 4.4kW
  • Interval: 100 km/charge, 145 km/charge (iQube ST)
  • Acceleration 0-40 km/h: 4.2 seconds
  • Top speed: seven8km/h / 82km/h (iQube ST)
  • Battery capacity: 3.04kWh / 4.56kWh (iQube ST)
  • Loading time: 4:30 (quick charge)
  • Unloaded weight: 118 kilograms

iQube TVS Specs

The TVS iQube 2022 and iQube S both come with a 3.04 kWh battery, while the higher-end iQube ST variant comes with a larger 4.56 kWh battery. These battery capacities are capable of delivering up to 125km of range on a single full charge and can take approximately 5 hours to fully charge using the home portable charger. Additionally, all iQube variants feature a large 7-inch smart display that lets you control multiple features and also provides call alerts and notifications from your phone.

Power, performance

  • Motor power: 4.4 kW
  • Top speed: 78 km/h / 82 km/h (iQube ST)
  • Acceleration 0-40 km/h (4.2 seconds)
  • Certified range: 100 km / 145 km (iQube ST)
  • Real autonomy: 80 – 125 km
  • Motor Type: BLDC
  • Maximum torque: 140 Nm
  • Load capacity: 17L
  • Reverse mode: Yes
  • Starting: Remote start and push button start

Battery charging

  • Battery type: Li-ion
  • Battery capacity: 3.04 kWh / 4.56 kWh (ST)
  • Battery charging time: 80% in 4h30 / 4h (ST)
  • Charger output: Portable 650 W
  • Quick Charge: Yes

Light and indicator

  • Headlight: LED
  • Brake light and tail light: integrated LED with TSL
  • Turn signal: LED lamp
  • Low battery indicator: Yes
  • Light pass: Yes
  • Support Indicator: Yes

Smart Features

  • Display type: 7-inch all-digital TFT
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • WiFi: Yes
  • Riding Modes: Yes (2)
  • Instrument console: digital
  • GPS Navigation: Yes
  • Geo-fence: Yes
  • Anti-theft alert: Yes
  • Cruise control: Yes
  • Speedometer: digital
  • Daily counter: digital
  • Clock: digital
  • Voice assistant: No
  • DRLs:
  • Mobile app connectivity: Yes
  • Central locking system: Yes
  • Artificial sound: Yes
  • Parking aid: Yes
  • Anti-theft system: Yes
  • USB charging port: Yes
  • Additional Features: App Based Control, GSM Connectivity, BMS Controlled Protection, Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Incognito Mode, Remote Keyless Entry, Call Alerts, Distance Indicator Until Empty, HMI Controller, Control music, live vehicle tracking, ask status from Alexa

Brakes, wheels, suspension

  • Braking Technology: Combine Braking System (CBS)
  • Front brake type: Disc
  • Rear brake type: Drum
  • Wheel Type: Alloy
  • Radial tires: No
  • Tire Type: Tubeless
  • Rear wheel size: 304.8mm
  • Rear tire size: 90/90-12
  • Front wheel size: 304.8mm
  • Front tire size: 90/90-12
  • Front suspension: Telescopic forks
  • Rear suspension: Twin-tube hydraulic shock absorber

Body and dimensions

  • Empty weight: 118 KG
  • Length: 1805mm
  • Height: 1140mm
  • Width: 645mm
  • Wheelbase: 1301mm
  • Ground clearance: 157mm
  • Seat height: 770mm
  • Frame type: Tubular structure
  • Front storage: No
  • Underseat storage: 17 liters / 32 liters (ST)
  • Seat Type: Single
  • Passenger foot pegs: Yes
  • Passenger Backrest: No
  • Passenger handrail: Yes
  • Passenger seat: Yes
  • Passenger footrest: Yes

iQube TVS Colors


TVS iQube

  • Brilliant red
  • Shiny Titanium Gray
  • White pearl

TVS iQube S

  • Bright Mercury Gray
  • Mint blue
  • lucid yellow
  • Shiny Bronze Copper

TVS iQube ST

  • Brilliant starry blue
  • Matte Titanium Gray
  • Shiny Sand Coral
  • Matt Bronze Copper

TVS iQube Warranty

  • Vehicle warranty – 3 years / 50,000 km
  • Battery unit warranty – 3 years/ 50.00 km

TVS iQube service and maintenance

For good vehicle performance, TVS recommends regular care and maintenance of the iQube electric two-wheeler. Owners can take their vehicles to authorized TVS workshops at regular intervals for regular maintenance and checks.

iQube TV review

The TVS iQube has a simplistic and straightforward design language. It doesn’t go for the kind of sleek profile like the Ola S1 Pro. The electric scooter offers an average autonomy, which is nothing exceptional. It offers a good suite of features and a comfortable driving experience.


  • Simplistic design
  • Good features

The inconvenients:

  • Medium range
  • Inconsistent top speed

TVS iQube Competitors

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  • Ather 450X Electric Scooter: Price (on-road), Range, Colors, Pictures and Specs
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TVS iQube News

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