Almost two months ago, we alluded to the near possibility of NIU Nepal to introduce its new generation electric scooters to Nepal. While the company teased us through several posts via its official Facebook page, we heard nothing else.

Well, that may not be the case anymore. NIU NGT offers an exclusive “Test Ride” experience to its potential customers.

That’s right! You can literally test the high-profile NIU NGT in Nepal.

When? Let’s say this weekend!

Introducing NIU NGT

The overall appearance and feel is very similar to the old N series. However, it is slightly sportier with a more “Race Theme” approach. Obviously, this scooter should receive the latest news.

You will get a bespoke motor from Bosch GmbH, FOC Vector Control and Panasonic Battery Unit. Likewise, you will also get LED headlight, LED turn signal light, LED tail light, LED tail light, LCD dashboard, central control unit, USB charging port and disc brake. hydraulic double piston.

NIU NGT performance

NIU NGT is powered by a dual battery 60V35Ah! Yes, two batteries in the same scooter, which is definitely unique. In addition, the battery will benefit from all kinds of overcharge protections. On average, the battery will give the rider about Over 100 km of range with a 3.5 hour charge.

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In addition, there are three modes to choose from: E-Save, Dynamic and Sport. So the full range will depend on what mode you are in.

Depending on the company, it can speed up to 70 km / h (the highest speed for the NIU scooter) after a full charge, with a claimed range of 95 km to 170 km (depending on the mode).

NIU NGT Features

You might be familiar with all the features of an NIU scooter, right? However, NIU NGT will take you one step further. You will get a new colorful smart screen that changes according to vehicle modes, speeds and diagnostics. In addition, the diagnostics are associated with the NIU Cloud ECU.

It’s one of those simple but welcoming changes. Speaking of the changes, you will get Cruise-Control, which might be a first time for any scooter! In addition, there is the app that will tell you everything you need to know about your NIU NGT.

In addition, you will also get CBS braking, EBS energy recovery system, auto stop indicators, vehicle locator and much more!

NIU NGT Key Specifications

  • Mileage (city): 95-170km
  • Top speed: 70 km / h
  • Number of gears: Automatique
  • Battery capacity: 2x 35Ah (60v)
  • Loading time: 5-6h
  • Braking: Double disc (CBS)
  • Maximum charge: 90Kg
  • Maximum power: 3000w

NIU NGT price in Nepal: Rs. 4 25,000

NIU NGT: Test route information

You should go to the nearest NIU showroom in Maitighar. Ask them to offer you an exclusive trial on the new NGT. That’s it!

If you enjoy it and see yourself riding NIU NGT daily, you can easily book one for yourself at 980 1230009.

However, if you miss the opportunity this weekend, you won’t be able to test it until after September 10, 2019.

When will NIU NGT launch in Nepal?

If the test ride is here, that would only mean that NGT’s official launch in Nepal is upon us! According to a representative from NIU Nepal, NIU NGT will be officially launched in Nepal at the NADA Auto Show 2019. As for the official price, it has been corrected!

The NIU NGT price in Nepal is Rs. 4,25,000. In addition, there is a cash back offer of Rs. 26,112. This will bring the price to Rs. 3.98,888.

If you want to learn more about NIU NGT and all its crazy features, be sure to check out our previous article!

Event details:
  • When? Saturday (11 a.m.-4 p.m.) & Sunday (10 a.m.-5.30 p.m.)
  • Where? NIU showroom, Maitighar
  • For more information: Visit the nearest NIU showroom

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