People living in targeted neighborhoods in Grand Rapids can enjoy greater access to micromobility transportation options through a new initiative.

Lime, the scooter and e-bike sharing company with fleets in Grand Rapids, is now offering equity zone rates for riders in areas such as Roosevelt Park, John Ball Park and Garfield Park. The new pricing includes an automatic 30% discount for journeys west and south of the city centre.

The initiative aims to help areas traditionally underserved by existing public transport modes while promoting cleaner air and safer streets.

Equity zone pricing will be available to passengers living or working in the targeted neighborhoods and will not require any documentation or proof of need.

“Lime has always placed equity at the heart of our program in Grand Rapids because at Lime, we believe everyone should have access to safe, affordable, and sustainable transportation, regardless of income or zip code,” said LeAaron Foley, director of government relations at Lime. .

Previously, the transit company introduced the Lime Access program in Grand Rapids, which offers reduced fares to anyone who receives municipal, state or federal benefits. The new Equity Zone pricing will complement the Lime Access program.

“We will work proactively with the city and with community groups like the Garfield Park, Roosevelt Park and John Ball Park neighborhood associations; West Michigan Urban League; and the Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition to ensure residents are aware of this opportunity and take advantage of this service,” Foley said.

Grand Rapids’ targeted neighborhoods consist of 17 census tracts with higher poverty, higher unemployment, and lower education rates than other neighborhoods in the city.

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