Singing sensation Justin Bieber and classic scooter company Vespa are ready to roll into the sunset together. Bieber fell in love with scooters after riding one “somewhere in Europe” and decided to unleash his creative flow by designing one himself.

The Bieb-mobile — Bieber went for a slick monochrome aesthetic for his Vespa Sprint, adorning the scooter in an all-over hue of white. Black accents contrast on the wheels, knobs and hardware, but Bieber was intentional with the white-on-white theme. Always the cool guy, he also added flames to the body above the rear wheel as the embodiment of his “creative drive, drive and vigor,” according to the press release.

The collaborative scooter has as much technology as it does glamour. Deployed with conventional 50, 125, and 150cc engines, each achieves top speeds of 40, 60, and 70 mph, respectively. The handlebar is equipped with its traditional rectangular headlight and supports a full color multi-functional TFT and LED display. Riders can connect and sync their smartphones – you know, to listen to Bieber’s greatest hits – and the scooter’s other capabilities are upgraded to comply with the latest environmental regulations.

And since you can’t ride a Bieber Vespa without looking good, the singer also designed accessories to go along with the two-wheeler. The capsule follows a similar monochromatic theme and includes a pair of riding gloves, a bag, and a flame-adorned helmet.

Scootermania — The Italian brand has also lent its slick bikes to other collaborators in the past. Dior contributed its luxurious oblique pattern design to the Model 946 in 2020and sneaker designer Sean Wotherspoon created a Vespa Primavera in 2021.

Bieber fans who want to take their merchandise collections to the next level can pre-order the scooter from April 18 on the Vespa website. You don’t need to reside in rural Italy either, as the 50cc and 150cc iterations will be available in the US for around $5,000 and $6,550, respectively. Bieber has come a long way since his $20,000 Ducati Superbike Relay at 18 years old; a Vespa partnership seems like the best way for him to get back on his two wheels.

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