The recent heatwave across India has caused the temperature to skyrocket. Many pockets of India have suffered from rising temperatures. As the scorching heat quickly heated everything under the sun, a Hyderabad food blogger posted a video of making dosa on the seat of a Vespa scooter.

The video shows the scooter parked in the sun. The ambient temperature was around 40 degrees but as the seat of the scooter is black in color it picks up and retains heat. The food blogger made the same demonstration by putting dosa paste on the seat of the Vespa.

It took a while to cook but eventually solidified. It’s not the crispiest dosa you’ll see or eat, but it shows how hot the seats can get when parked in the sun.

Such incidents have also been reported in other parts of the country. In fact, many others have cooked other foods like chapatis and eggs using the hot hood of the car and the heat on the road.

The surface temperature is always higher than the ambient temperature because it captures and retains heat longer. This is why asphalt roads remain warm even after sunset.

How to escape such situations?

Now, if you’ve ever parked a vehicle on a hot sunny day, you must have noticed how hot it gets. For two-wheelers, the seat definitely gets too hot for comfort. To avoid such situations, you can always use mesh seat covers that do not get very hot. These seat covers or cushions also provide insulation between your body and the hot seat, preventing uncomfortable temperatures.

Another way is not to park the vehicle under direct sunlight. It significantly reduces the heat picked up by the seat. For cars, there are many ways to quickly cool the cabin in such hot weather conditions. If it’s a safe place to park, you can open the windows. This ensures air circulation and minimizes the greenhouse effect.

You can also move warm air before entering the vehicle by opening a window, then using the door on the opposite side of the vehicle to vent the cool air and cool the cabin. Also, keeping the windows open for a minute or two after the air conditioning starts displaces warm air with cold air and lowers the cabin temperature more quickly.

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