One of the most affordable means of transportation today is the scooter. There are buyers who drive their scooters a lot and need a more affordable option. For them, there are CNG scooter kits for two-wheelers, more specifically scooters. We tested the Honda Activa CNG very recently. This came with a Lovato CNG scooter kit. This is not only limited to the Activa, but it is available for all types of scooters. The list of scooters is very long.

Lovato is not the only manufacturer to offer a CNG scooter and a few other players offer CNG scooter kits, and a lot of them. They are not available as a factory fitted option and are available as an aftermarket option. It is commercially available and the dealer will do the fitting for you on your Activa or any other scooter you own.

The Honda Activa CNG we drove was borrowed from Lovato. The company gave us one of its test scooters. We will try to review other CNG kits that are also available in the market. For this we will need a little more time.

Honda Activa GNC design

There is no change in the design of the scooter and it looks the same. As it was a scooter of the brand, they had stuck several brands of it. The green color you see in the pictures is of the scooter, but everything is sticker work by Lovato. For a regular buyer, this will not happen. The original color of your scooter will be kept. The Activa CNG will get at most one CNG badge, if you wish to add it. There will be no other difference in the Honda Activa CNG scooter.

The Honda Activa we drove was borrowed from Lovato. The scooter has everything intact in one place. The storage under the seat is now smaller because the meters of the CNG kit are placed under the seat. The CNG kits are placed under the handlebars. There are two small tanks installed there. Each contains 1 kilo of CNG. This makes a total of 2 kilograms of CNG. Each kilo will go up to 60 kilometers. This brings the total range to 120 kilometers.

Honda Activa CNG Video Review

We also shot a video of the Honda Activa CNG Review. If you want to see the video review, click on the video image to play it. Or you can even visit our for video if needed.

Honda Activa CNG scooter price in India

CNG kit for two-wheelers

Variant Price
MRP 15,000 INR

As CNG is more affordable, the cost of running the Activa GNC scooter will be lower. the GNC Activathe price of has not yet been disclosed. These will be made by an Iranian CNG kit manufacturer in Pune. This will be approved by ARAI. At the moment, it is a little too early to specify the exact price of the kit. In the next 15 days, we will share the Activa CNG Kit pricing. This kit is sold by Lovato and is priced at INR 15,000. Both brands sell their CNG scooter kits for around Rs 15,000.

CNG kits are government approved because they have been certified by the Automotive Reseach Authority of India (ARAI). The kit consists of two cylinders which can each contain 1 kg of CNG. The total autonomy of the CNG scooter kit for Activa is 120 kms.

The Honda Activa CNG is just like the regular Activa. The scooter shown in the pictures is green and white, but in reality there will be no difference in the design. The Activa 3G will be available in the same colors and design. The functionality will also remain the same. All you have to do is do an aftermarket assembly. The space for your knees decreases as the tanks are installed there.

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Honda Activa GNC Performance

There is a difference in performance. The CNG scooter is not as fast as the normal Activa so it is a bit difficult to overtake. You can sail comfortably, but to get past it requires planning. At the same time, the front of the scooter gets heavy, so turning at low speed and even handling is affected with the CNG kit. This makes the scooter a bit slower and also affects its handling. Making fast turns is difficult because the scooter is not fast and even if you pick up speed you will lose your balance because the front is heavy with the cylinders.

Mileage of the Honda Activa CNG scooter

Honda Activa CNG mileage

Motor Mileage
Activa GNC 80 km / kg

The Honda Activa 3G which runs on gasoline returns to around 50 km / l. The cost of running Activa gasoline is INR 1.3 per km in Delhi. While on Honda Activa CNG, it will be 61p. Domino’s staff got these scooters for their reviews and it’s free. The Activa will travel 120 km with the 1.2 kg tank. The cost of running the Activa CNG is much lower because the CNG is cheaper. There will be two cylinders on the scooter, each will have a capacity of 0.6 kilogram. It’s so cheap.

Honda Activa CNG Scooter

Is the Lovato CNG kit for scooters safe?

The tests went well. The ARAI has passed it and therefore enters the real world tests. All the kits that will be marketed must be approved by the ARAI itself. Honda Activa CNG is now on sale, not direct. The Honda Activa 3G can be purchased from a dealer and a CNG kit can be installed on it. The Honda Activa CNG will be an excellent value for money scooter. It’s pretty safe, there isn’t much of a problem with the scooter and it appears to be well insulated. So there is no major problem with that.

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