Thinking of buying an electric bike or an electric scooter? Well we know that the type of fuel is one of the most crucial things when buying a two wheeler and with so many options available it becomes really hard to find a good option that fits. your needs. Hence, we have put together a comprehensive list of the best electric bikes and electric scooters in India. These are all handy runabouts that don’t quite perform on par with their fossil fuel-powered counterparts, but they’re ideal for someone with a short commute or a run to the market. OLA S1, Revolt RV 400 and Hero Electric Optima are the 3 most popular EVs at the moment. Check out the complete list of e-bikes and electric scooters with information regarding price, images, colors, reviews, range, charging time, other specifications and features and much more for each of these vehicles electric so that you can choose the best electric bike or electric scooter you want.

Best Price of Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters in India 2021

Model Price ex showroom
OLA S1 ₹ 97,573
Revolt RV 400 ₹ 1,15,498
Electric Hero Optima 51,558
Electric Photon Hero 71 726
REO ampere 45,632
Simple energy ₹ 1,09,000
Ather 450X 1,40,189
Bajaj Chetak 1,38,988
Revolt RV 300 ₹ 1,04,593

The prices mentioned above are average excluding the showroom

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