Shared mobility programs have sprung up in Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas, Denton and other major cities across the state, occasionally encountering problems and becoming a public nuisance when poorly implemented. Waco passed an ordinance to allow shared mobility programs within the city earlier this year.

In August 2018, scooter company Bird Rides scattered its scooters around downtown and the Baylor campus without giving a warning or asking for permission. The city withdrew the scooters after a two-day race.

Although there are some differences between the two tenders, the professional requirements of the applicant companies will remain the same. The program will be limited to downtown Waco and East Waco, but the service area will exclude Baylor University and Cameron Park.

“We need to be a little less prescriptive in what we ask,” Chelsea Phlegar, senior planner at the Waco Metropolitan Planning Organization. “This will allow us to be more responsive to constant changes in the market. “

Gotcha had planned to build parking centers throughout the service area. The new proposal still requires some form of controlled parking, but allows for different types of parking and supports.

“What that actually looks like, we leave it up to the company to present to us,” said Phlegar.

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