the BMW The M3 is an icon of automotive history that other manufacturers try to copy as a reference in their sports cars. When BMW announces the E92 M3 concept car Back in 2007, enthusiastic fans loved seeing a high-revving V8 bearing the M3 name.

Although the M3 and the standard 3 Series continue to get bigger after each generation, many consider the E92 M3 to be one of the last true BMW cars as it was the last naturally aspirated engine before BMW switched to turbocharging.

Rivals of the BMW E92 M3 include the Audi RS4, Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG and even the Lexus IS-F. However, things are different when you start comparing it to a small Italian scooter. While Vespa is everyone’s favorite Italian scooter manufacturer, racing against a German muscle car is pretty rare.

In the Officially Gassed – OG video, a modified Vespa scooter takes on BMW’s only M3 with a naturally aspirated V8, the E92.

Italian scooter versus German sports car

The E92 M3 is a powerhouse when it comes to performance and handling. The naturally aspirated 4.0-liter V8 develops around 430 hp. Combining that power with the optional DCT (dual-clutch transmission), you can expect a 0-60 mph time of around 4.5 seconds. With that in mind, what can a 43hp 1-cylinder Vespa scooter do against such a powerful car?

RELATED: 19 Modified Vespas We’d Ride On Any MotorcycleWhile 43hp doesn’t seem like a lot compared to the M3, the Vespa started life with just 4hp. With 10 times the power of a standard Vespa scooter and about the same weight, this little scooter is fast.

The scooter achieves an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 268 hp per ton. Believe it or not, it’s exactly the same power-to-weight ratio as the E92 M3.

The first race begins with the Vespa taking the lead. However, the power of the E92 V8 kicks in and it is able to win the race. The next two races are better for the M3, but the conclusion is the same. Although the Vespa is fast, it lacks the high-end speed and stability of the BMW.

E9X M3 future classic car

Laguna Seca Blue E92 BMW M3 Coupe

Although the E9X generation M3 is a modern sports car, it is the last M3 without a turbocharger and most certainly the last M3 with a V8 engine. This M3 is also the last M3 to feature hydraulic steering before switching to an electronically assisted system.

RELATED: These are our favorite features of the BMW E92 M3Like previous M3 generations, prices will continue to rise on the E9X M3s. If you can find a nice, well-maintained example at a good price, it could be a good investment judging by the prices of the M3 E30, E36 and E46 generations currently.

BMW E92 M3

Here’s why the BMW E92 M3 is the last real M car

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