Bounce Infinity E1 is a premium electric scooter from Bangalore-based startup Bounce Infinity. It was introduced in India in December last year to take on Ola S1, Ather 450x and TVS iQube, with its impressive price tag as well as ambitious swappable battery technology. The Bounce Infinity E1 test ride started in seven cities across India in February, while production began at the company’s Biwaldi plant earlier this month. The company has announced that it will soon begin delivering the e-scooter to buyers who have pre-booked Bounce Infinity. Here is a quick look at the Bounce Infinity E1 price in India, specs, launch date, and pre-booking details among others.

Bounce Infinity E1 price in india

The sticker price on the Bounce Infinity E1 premium electric scooter in the traditional sense is:

  • delhi – Rs 68,999 (ex-showroom)
  • Gujarat – Rs 59,999 (ex-showroom)
  • Maharashtra – Rs 69,999 (ex-showroom)
  • Rajasthan – Rs 72,999 (ex-showroom)
  • Karnataka – Rs 68,999 (ex-showroom)
  • All other states – Rs 79,999 (ex-showroom)

Although this is the ex-showroom price of the electric scooter, the company has also introduced a few subscription plans that let you own the EV at just Rs 36,000. Here are the details:

Bounce Infinity E1 Subscription Plans: Pricing and Benefits

The Bounce Infinity E1 is available in two subscription models: BAAS1 and BAAS2. Both systems are essentially leasing structures in which Bounce aims to use its battery exchange infrastructure network to further reduce the e-scooter cost of ownership.

BAAS1 package

  • Delhi – Rs 56,999
  • Gujarat – Rs 47,999
  • Maharashtra – Rs 57,999
  • Rajasthan – Rs 60,999
  • Karnataka – Rs 56,999
  • All other states – Rs 67,999

Beyond the initial cost, customers must support a telecom plan as a recurring subscription plan:

  • Monthly battery subscription as a service – Rs 849
  • Price per swap – Rs 35

This brings the effective price per KM down to Rs 0.65.

BAAS2 package

  • Delhi – Rs 45,099
  • Gujarat – Rs 36,099
  • Maharashtra-Rs 46,099
  • Rajasthan – Rs 49,099
  • Karnataka – Rs 45,099
  • All other states – Rs 56,099

Beyond the initial cost, customers should support recurring telecom-type subscription plans:

  • Battery as service monthly subscription – Rs 1,249
  • Price per swap – Rs 35

This brings the effective price per KM down to Rs 0.65.

As you can see, the initial cost of ownership in BAAS1 remains comparatively higher, while the recurring costs after purchase decrease. However, in the case of the BAAS2 ownership option, the initial upfront cost is reduced, while the cost of ownership after purchase remains slightly higher between the two regimes.

Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter Availability Details

Bounce plans to start shipping the Infinity E1 electric scooter from From April 18, 2022. Electric vehicle production has started at Bounce’s Bhiwadi factory in Rajasthan. The company claims that it can produce up to two lakh units per year at this plant if it is running at full capacity. Bounce also plans to expand its production operations at its factory in South India, which has a total capacity of five lakh units per year. As Bounce ramps up production, Bounce also plans to offer testing opportunities to existing and potential customers.

The scooter can be available in five preset color options which include – Sparkle Black, Comet Grey, Sporty Red, Pearl White and Desat Silver. Moreover, the Bounce Infinity E1 can be customized according to the taste of the buyer according to a theme using stickers, designs and patterns.

Bounce Infinity E1 Specifications

Range, modes and maximum speed

Bounce Infinity E1

The Bounce Infinity E1 pairs a BLDC electric motor with its built-in swappable 2KWhr 48V battery and offers a top speed of 65 km/h in Power mode while in Eco mode it offers a range of 85 km. However, with the battery swap technology that comes with the Infinity E1, the e-scooter can offer unlimited range as advertised, provided swap stations are available at reasonable intervals.

Battery and charging

the The 2KWhr 48V battery on board the Infinity E1 e-scooter has been designed for easy swapping and is IP67 certified. In the case of a normal use case, one can easily recharge the battery in around 4 hours to extract the claimed range of 85 km. Instead, the battery can be replaced with a charged battery that will be available on a network of battery swapping stations that Bounce aims to establish. This technique essentially reduces the charging time to a few minutes, similar to what one experiences at a gas station. So Bounce’s Battery-as-a-Service ownership scheme comes in handy.

Performance and durability

The Bounce Infinity E1 with a claimed top speed of 65 km/h is powerful enough for an intra-urban runabout. The e-scooter brings a variety of practical features which include – 12 inch alloys with a disc brake system, under seat helmet storage, a sturdy chassis and a telescopic front suspension. The Infinity E1 also offers a 120 section rear tyre, a 90 section front tire and 155mm ground clearance for Indian roads.


Bounce Infinity E1 Features

The Bounce Infinity E1 generously incorporates a new-age feature set that enhances appeal as well as functionality. The Infinity E1 has an LED lighting setup, a digital dashboard with connected functions, reverse mode, drag mode and cruise control. The digital dashboard also enables connected features such as geolocation, an anti-theft notification system, vehicle tracking and towing alert. Safety features also include a hazard warning light system, side stand indicator, ignition status and battery SOC status.

How to Pre-Book the Bounce Infinity E1 Electric Scooter Online

Bounce Infinity E1 Reservation

The Bounce Infinity E1 can be booked online in five available color options or a custom theme for a price of Rs 499. The process can be undertaken through the official website.


Can I test the Simple One?

Testing opportunities are available in seven Indian cities including – Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Kochi.

Can I buy the Simple One offline?

No. You can only pre-book online from now on.

Are there Bounce Battery Swap Stations?

Currently, Bounce lists over 200 battery swap stations on its website. Users can access the location of these exchange stations through a companion app on their smartphone.

What about service and warranty?

There will be a 3-year/50,000 km warranty for the Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter.

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