Ola Electric’s marketing team blocked CEO Bhavish Aggarwal from revealing the price of the company’s highly anticipated electric scooter on Friday. Ola Electric posted a teaser for the upcoming e-scooter on Twitter, in which Aggarwal was set to reveal the price of the next e-scooter before it was abruptly cut and the message “You really thought we would let it. do that ? “was displayed on the screen.

In the video, Aggarwal said that Ola Electric will reveal all the details of the upcoming e-scooter on August 15 at 2:00 p.m. He said those interested can watch the electric scooter launch event on YouTube or on the official Ola Electric website. Aggarwal has confirmed that the next e-scooter will be called the “S1 Scooter”.

Ola Electric captioned the video: “The scooters arrive on Sunday! Our CEO Bhavish said, let’s release the price today! So there you go …”.

Bhavish Aggarwal retweeted the video and jokingly wrote that Ola Electric’s marketing team is up to the task again. He added: “Join me on Sunday August 15th at 2pm on http://olaelectric.com to learn more about the scooter! In the meantime, tell me what the price is in your opinion? #JoinTheRevolution @OlaElectric”.

Ola Electric explained that the electric scooter will work with a powerful motor which will be paired with a lithium-ion battery. The trunk of the electric scooter should have enough space to hold two helmets. The company claimed that its electric scooter would have “top speed, unprecedented range, the largest boot space, global design and advanced technology at aggressive prices.”

The company also said the electric scooter will provide a “keyless experience”. Users will be able to access the electric scooter through a mobile application.

A fast charger should charge the electric scooter up to 50% in just 18 minutes. The electric scooter will be able to travel up to 75 kilometers with a 50% charge. This suggests that the next e-scooter will have the ability to travel 150 kilometers when fully charged.

Ola Electric’s electric scooter will launch on August 15. Ola will adopt a direct-to-consumer model for the sale of her scooter. Those interested in purchasing can reserve this electric scooter, available in 10 colors, paying Rs 499 via netbanking, credit / debit cards, UPI, e-wallets or OlaMoney.

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