Industry’s first battery subscription plan launched by Ampere electric scooter in India

It was only recently that Hero Electric announced its association with Autovert for the introduction of subscription plans. Today, Ampere Electric Launches announces a battery subscription plan at a starting price of Rs 1,990 in partnership with Autovert Technologies.

The collaboration offers a battery subscription plan through a platform supported by IOT. The plan makes electric scooters even more affordable. In its start-up phase, the plan is presented with selected dealers in Bangalore and will be available in other cities in the next phase of expansion.


A proposed battery subscription plan reduces the cost of acquiring the vehicle while being an alternative choice for buyers to get more than one finance option. Customers can choose Magnus Pro electric scooter for the least amount of money Rs. 49,990 on the road when selecting a monthly battery subscription of Rs. 1,990. For those who do not want to opt for the subscription plan, will have to ex-showroom price Rs. 73,990.

Magnus Pro specifications

Plan helps manage battery life cycle as well as benefits including 5 year extended warranty, full vehicle insurance, 24 month full vehicle service and maintenance, attractive upgrade options , replacement battery discounts, etc.

Full vehicle subscription plans are available for the Magnus Pro and Zeal models, from Rs. 2,777 per month. With now and various subscription finance plans, the Ampere electric scooter buying process is designed to be accessible to interested buyers. Ease of ownership makes it easy to upgrade to another Ampere scooter after the fixed subscription term has ended.

Electric thrust

The rough guideline is to see 30% of car sales covered by electric mobility by 2030. To achieve the goal, the need is not only to introduce updated electric vehicles, but to ensure a accessible funding that promotes faster adoption of electric vehicles in the country. Ampere electric scooters are sold in 220 licensed showrooms in India. with a value proposition of 90 percent savings over conventional scooters. The automaker claims that every Ampere electric scooter sold is equivalent to plant 12 trees.

Although the purchase of mainstream two-wheelers is not as dependent on financing as the purchase of large tickets, the introduction of easy EMI offers and subscription plans helps ease the financial burden to a great extent. . The easy upgrade options make these purchases akin to durable gadget purchases for consumers.

P Sanjeev, COO, Ampere Vehicles said, “We are pleased to partner with Autovert Technologies to present this unique battery subscription plan. With this association with special Ampere Freedom offers, we aim to make Ampere vehicles more affordable and accessible to the consumer.

Speaking on this announcement, Vinay Sharma, Co-founder and CTO from Autovert said. “The Battery subscription is possible, given the modular nature of the EV, which lends itself to decoupling the battery from the vehicle and the specific services offered around its life cycle. The EV ecosystem demands an alternative ownership model to drive faster adoption among an emerging customer base and we are happy to be at the forefront of this with our products and partners like Ampere to bring it to market.

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