Say Ciao to Lego’s New 1,106 Piece Vespa Scooter Set

Lego announced the launch of the first official brick version of the Vespa scooterthe classic and ubiquitous Piaggio motorcycle that saw millions of Italians motorized and mobilized in the post-World War II era.

The 1,106-piece kit is “designed to help style lovers find a moment of mindfulness through Lego construction” and is a detailed rendition of the Vespa 125, a version of the scooter from its 1960s heyday.

Finished in pale pastel blue, the Lego Vespa 125 features attractive little details such as a bouquet of flowers in the bike’s basket (which attaches to the luggage rack), rider’s helmet, kickstand, working steering and a removable lid to reveal the brick-built engine.

Other optional details to make the scooter period-accurate include a decal 1960s Italian number plate and Vespa badge.

“Recreating the details of the original model to celebrate the classic 1960s Vespa was one of my favorite parts of designing this set,” said Lego Senior Designer Florian Muller. “The set gave me a chance to step back in time and let my imagination run wild when designing, and we hope the experience will be the same for fans.”

With over 1,000 pieces and its 18+ designation, the Lego Vespa is aimed more at adults than kids, though assembling kits like this can often be a fun activity for parents and kids alike.

When fully assembled, the kit measures just over 22cm (8.5in) high, 12cm (4.5in) long and 35cm (13.5in) wide, making it an ornament impressive and attractive for any shelf.

Lego builds a scale model of Vespa 125

This is not the first time that Lego has released an interpretation of such a typically Italian machine. His Lego Creator Expert Fiat 500finished in the same pale blue color, could potentially provide a companion to the scooter for Italophiles, even if the scooter model dominates the car.

Working with Lego on the creation of the officially licensed Vespa was “an amazing experience” according to Marco Lambri, Head of Design at Piaggio.

“As designers, the challenge was to make the soft shapes of Vespa coexist with the shape of the Lego bricks, a challenge that we rose to with flying colors,” he said.

After World War II, with supplies limited and wartime airlines such as Heinkel, Messerschmitt and Piaggio essentially banned from building aircraft, many turned to scooters to keep their factories open.

Piaggio’s scooter, the MP6, was known as a Vespa (Italian for “wasp”) thanks not only to the hum of its engine, but also to the shape of its body and handlebars, which are said to resemble the shape of the winged insect. .

Over time, in addition to being a fun and classless runabout for Italians, it has become a global design icon, thanks in part to films such as Roman Holiday, a picture of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck of 1953 which saw one of the scooters rolling through the streets. from Rome.

Other stars such as Marlon Brando, John Wayne and Charlton Heston were photographed riding Vespas while filming in Italy, making the utility scooter synonymous with style and glamor in much the same way as the Mini in Grande -Brittany.

Lego builds a scale model of Vespa 125

Vespa clubs began to appear all over the world, and for a time in the 1960s the UK was Piaggio’s biggest market for the scooter.

Vespas, along with Lambrettas, had a starring role in the 1979 film Quadrophenia, the mods v rockers feature film set in 1960s London.

To date, nearly 20 million have been sold in addition to countless imitations and counterfeits from other manufacturers. Britain remains the company‘s second largest market for the Vespa.

The Lego Vespa 125 will go on sale from March 1 from Lego.comLego stocks worldwide and other stockists and is priced at £89.99. may generate revenue if you purchase the featured products via a link in the article.

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LEGO Creator 40517 Vespa Scooter – “Sembra una vespa!” [Review] – The brick of the brothers

On April 23, 1946, Enrico Piaggio filed the patent for the first Vespa. Now, over 75 years later, LEGO is celebrating this iconic scooter with a pair of brick-built tributes. The Creator Expert 10298 Vespa set we reviewed yesterday features a powder blue Vespa 125, while the LEGO Creator 40517 – Vespa Scooter presents a smaller and more modern version in red. Like its bigger cousin, this 117-piece set will be available March 1 from the online LEGO Store for $9.99 | CA$12.99 | UK TBD . Let’s take a spin together and see what this set has to offer!

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review does not guarantee coverage or positive reviews.

Unboxing parts, instructions and sticker sheet

This set comes in a small box sealed with a tab. The front and rear are quite similar, with a central image of the Vespa seen from either side. Interestingly, there are no product photos or teasers for any of the other, smaller Creator sets, like the 40518 Bullet Train. This seems like a missed opportunity.

There is a license bit on the bottom of the box, where a small holographic sticker identifies this set as an official Vespa product. This practice has been around since at least 2018, when we saw one on the packaging of the Speed ​​Champions 75890 Ferrari F40 Competizione.

Inside the box are two unnumbered parts bags, a 40-page staple-bound instruction booklet, and a small sticker sheet.

Our review copy saw the manual and sticker sheet arrive with some pretty heavy bending. The sticker sheet suffered the most, with one sticker slipping completely off the sheet.

The parts

For a small set, there are some nice pieces to have. The red rounded corner slopes are new for this set, as is the red modified brick with Technic connection. It also includes some of the new 1×5 plates that are making life difficult for overly organized LEGO part sorters around the world. (I love them, but now I have to move all my plate storage bins. I know… Moan, moan, moan.)


Building this set is quick and easy, taking advantage of some SNOT connections to create a nicely rounded body.

The details are sticker based which is fine for a smaller set like this. The rear number plate bears the Vespa logo and “1946” – the year of Vespa’s patent.

The front of the scooter also features a sticker-based Vespa logo and lots of smooth curves created from angled tiles and bricks.

The floorboards have an interesting connection – they clip onto modified 1×1 round plates to create a smooth angle from the front hood to the rear of the vehicle. There’s no steering to be had, however, as the front end attaches securely to the main body with a 5-liter Technic stem. On the plus side, that fixed front wheel means the model can sit upright without the need for a kickstand.

The finished model

The quote “Sembra una vespa!” (“It looks like a wasp!”) is attributed to Enrico Piaggio’s first impression of the scooter’s design. This look has continued since 1946, as this version of the Vespa has the same antenna-like handlebars and streamlined shape.

The scale of this Creator set is great for standalone display, but it doesn’t fit in very well with the figures. Unless you like hilariously oversized RWD vehicles.

When you compare this model to the Creator Expert 10298 Vespa 125, you can see how the design has evolved over the years. Personally, I like the wider hood of the red scooter, but that dusty blue makes me smile a bit more. Hopefully, LEGO will eventually release all of the pieces in this set in other shades, so fans can create their own hybrid models.

Conclusion and recommendation

If you’re looking for a budget version of the 10298 Creator Expert Vespa 125, you’ll be pretty happy with the Creator 40517 version. This updated Vespa stands out with its bright color scheme, realistic detailing and reasonable use of stickers. The minor downside is that it’s more of a show piece than a playable vehicle, as the scale doesn’t match well with the current miniature offering. But if you’re looking for a nice little dust catcher with lots of character, pick this one.

LEGO Creator 40517 – Vespa Scooter will be available on March 1 in the online LEGO Shop for $9.99 | CA$12.99 | UK TBD . It may also be available through third-party sellers on Amazon and eBay.

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review does not guarantee coverage or positive reviews.

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Lego Vespa Scooter is Italy of the 60s in miniature

  • The Vespa 125 was the iconic scooter of the 1960s, and now Lego has announced a new adult-oriented set designed to flaunt on any Italophile’s shelf.
  • The new set is made up of over 1,100 pieces and goes on sale March 1 for $99.99.
  • This is Lego’s third set of official vehicles linked to Italy, following two recent sets based on the Fiat 500.

    Vespa has been building its presence in popular culture for decades. Soon you will be able to build it yourself. The sleek scooter was a key plot element of the 2021 animated film Luca, the latest in a long line of films featuring the two-wheeled icon, the most famous being probably the one from 1953. roman holidays. If you’ve ever watched these scenes and thought about getting a Vespa model for your shelf, Lego has you covered.

    John Springer CollectionGetty Images

    Lego has announced a new building set featuring the classic Vespa 125 that rose to prominence around the world in the 1960s. When you build the light blue scooter in this new display set, you’ll end up with a vehicle over 8.5 inches high, 4.5 inches long and 13.5 inches wide. The new Vespa set is made up of 1106 parts and will go on sale March 1 for $99.99.

    scooter lego vespa


    This will be Lego’s first official Vespa model, although scooters for the brand’s minifigures have been part of official sets since the 1970s. Lego has played in Mediterranean waters with some recent vehicle sets, such as the two sets for adults featuring the classic Fiat 500, one in light blue and the other in yellow. The pastel blues used in the Vespa and the Fiat blue match, although the scooter dominates the car as they are built to different scales.

    LEGO Creator Expert Fiat 500 Light Blue Limited Edition 77942

    The Vespa set features real-world touches like a 1960s Italian number plate and the Vespa logo on what appear to be stickers. There is also a brick helmet and a small basket with flowers that sits on the back shelf. The small engine can be revealed through a removable cover and the kickstand and steering handles both work. You will, however, have to build your own miniatures to ride on this one. For another look at the many ways you can reinvent the shape of the Vespa, take a look at the story of a wooden scooter that actually works. A blacksmith from Portugal created this work in 2011.

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    TVS Jupiter 125 scooter price in India has increased

    TVS Jupiter 125 scooter price in India has increased

    Over the past few months, several vehicles have become more expensive in India as automakers attempt to offset rising input costs and raw material prices. TVS is not spared from the factors affecting the Indian automotive industry and has raised the prices of some of its vehicles including the Jupiter 125. Launched in India last year, the Jupiter 125 is a rival like Honda Activa 125, Suzuki Access 125, and more. This 125cc TVS scooter received a price hike of around ₹1,275. The TVS Jupiter 125 drum brake variant with steel wheels will now cost you ₹75,625 from ₹74,4025 while the Jupiter 125 drum brake variant with alloy wheels will cost you ₹78,125 from ₹76,800. And as for the high-end TVS Jupiter 125 disc brake variant, it will cost you ₹82,575 instead of ₹81,300. All prices are ex-showroom, Delhi.

    The TVS Jupiter 125 features a 124.8cc air-cooled engine that develops 8.04hp at 6000rpm and 10.5Nm of peak torque at 4500rpm. The suspension duties of this scooter are provided by telescopic forks with three-stage adjustable gas monoshock while the braking hardware includes 130mm drum brakes as standard and a 220mm front disc brake as an option. .

    Jupiter 125 rear.png

    The Jupiter 125 comes with a semi-digital instrument panel that includes an analog speedometer and an LCD display for several details including trip meter, odometer, malfunction indicator, average fuel consumption, etc. . The Jupiter 125 also comes with the TVS IntelliGo stop-start system, an ecometer, Power mode, an integrated starter-generator for quiet starting and a side-stand inhibitor.