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Off-road driving involves navigating all kinds of rough and uneven terrain, whether it’s cobblestones, puddles, gravel, mud, sand, or grass. a off road electric scooter promises a smooth ride despite difficult terrain. Your electric scooter’s tire configuration, overall build quality, and hydraulics all contribute to its stability.

If you prefer driving over rough terrain, acquiring a powerful and compatible ride is essential. Electric scooters intended exclusively for this use tend to be heavier and larger than their pendulum counterparts. These off-road models are not portable and come at a price because they are designed for superior performance.

Smart investment

Are you an adventurous, environmentally conscious cyclist who prefers to explore undefeated trails? Armed with your all-terrain electric scooter, you can pursue your favorite passions.

Below are five compelling reasons to buy an all-terrain electric scooter model in 2021:

Guarantees a thrilling ride

When you successfully navigate rough terrain, the thrill you experience is beyond measure. This adrenaline rush is sure to kick-start your adventurous spirit. The incredible performance of this E-scooter makes you savor every thrilling moment spent driving it.


Even if you spend a considerable amount on your initial purchase, the maintenance of the electric scooter does not drain you financially. It works with electric batteries, which you must recharge before setting out on an adventurous adventure.

Considering the high price of fuel, an E-ride cuts costs without contributing to air and noise pollution, thus preserving the environment.

Undergoes extensive testing

Because off-road scooters are intended for riding on rough terrain, they are thoroughly tested before they go on sale. The end product is of the highest quality because brand name manufacturers have a reputation to uphold. Every effort is made to ensure that the scooter offers its unique selling point.

Because these off-road electric scooters will be exposed to harsh environmental elements, they have the strongest level of construction. Despite this durability, some models are not ideal for heavyweight riders. It is wise to look at electric scooters with a higher weight limit if you are a bit chubby. Inboard Skate recommends great, heavy-duty adult scooters, in case you need a boost in the right direction.

Involves less effort

Navigating rough terrain on a pedal bike tests your endurance and fitness more than a bicycle. In the case of an all-terrain electric scooter, your mode of transportation does most of the work.

Climbing inclines and crossing other difficult terrain won’t make you sweat because you don’t have to apply excessive pressure. However, pedaling on such roads can be extremely physically demanding.

Healthy alternative

Investing in an electric scooter without a seat keeps you standing. Unlike a car or a bicycle, you are required to stand when you are in motion. Spending hours sitting is an unhealthy habit, and this walk allows you to break it by getting up, improving your posture, and breathing in the fresh air.

Electric scooters take the hassle out of applying for a license, insuring and registering your vehicle. Lean towards an all-terrain model with the following features:

  • Knotty tires that generate more traction on uneven surfaces
  • Shock absorbers to diffuse vibrations when navigating in bumps and dips
  • Durable construction with the necessary reinforcements
  • A braking system that reacts quickly and puts you in control of your driving
  • Powerful engine and decent range


Count on a reputable electric scooter dealer to guide you to make an informed decision and provide you with good after-sales service.


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BMW C 400 GT Launched In India Check Maxi Scooter Price Specs Features Images

Recently, a big launch by one of the most prominent BMW companies has just warmed up the whole environment. So the company has launched a brand new BMW C 400 GT maxi-scooter and is boosting the craziness among people to take a ride on this amazing product of the company. The scooter was launched in India at Rs. 9 95,000 (ex-showroom, India).

Let us also tell you that the new scooter from BMW has been completely single-unit built (CBU). Along with this, people can buy this amazing scooter after booking it from any BMW Motorrad India dealer. So, if you are planning to buy this amazing scooter, you just need to book it now on the official website or at any BMW dealership.

At the launch, Vikram Pawah, President of BMW Group India, said: “The launch of the all-new BMW C 400 GT heralds a new era in the urban mobility segment in India. This progressive and agile mid-size scooter is designed to conquer the city and long-term destinations with ease.

Whether it’s getting to the city center, commuting to the office or enjoying a weekend away, the all-new BMW C 400 GT is the perfect partner for getting the most out of driving: not only alone, but also with a passenger ”.

The company‘s main motive for designing this fabulous scooter is to offer comfort, performance, tourability, as well as ample storage space. With a relaxed stance, the BMW C 400 GT gets an aerodynamic front with dual LED headlights and LED daytime running lights, integrated with the turn signals. The look of the scooter actually attracts a lot of public attention.

The company also launched it with two painted finishes, including Alpine White and Style Triple Black. Along with this, the company also offers a standard three-year warranty with an option to extend the warranty to the fourth and fifth years.

For the BMW C 400 GT, BMW offers a keyless function which manages the ignition, the steering lock, the seat, the filler cap and the storage compartment. Also let us tell you that the scooter is 350cc and the company claimed it would hit 100 km / h in 9.5 seconds. The scooter can reach a maximum speed of 139 km / h.

At the same time, the entire drive unit is connected to the suspension to reduce low and high speed vibration. So the company is actually bringing a very perfect product this time around for everyone to want to take a look at. So the BMW C 400 GT maxi-scooter in India at Rs 9 95,000 (ex-showroom, India) and people can book it now.

Hero MotoCorp Launches Pleasure + XTec Scooter, Pricing Starts At INR 61,900, Auto News, ET Auto

“It also comes with patented i3S technology for the highest possible fuel efficiency,” the company said in a statement.

Hero MotoCorp announced on Monday that it has launched the Pleasure + XTec scooter with a starting price of INR 61,900 for the LX variant and INR 69,500 for the Pleasure + 110 XTec (all prices excluding showroom, Delhi).

According to the two-wheeler manufacturer, it comes with a 110cc BS-VI compliant engine producing 8 BHP of power at 7,000 rpm and torque on demand of 8.7 NM at 5,500 for high performance driving. .

“It also comes with patented i3S technology for the highest possible fuel efficiency,” the company said in a statement.

Malo Le Masson, Head of Global Product Strategy and Planning, Hero MotoCorp, said: “The XTec model brings more charm with sleek elements inspired by the Platinum Edition, more durability with the front fender made of metal, more comfort with a branded seat back and a technological boost with the projector LED headlamp, Bluetooth connectivity and Hero’s patented i3S technology for improved energy efficiency. The Pleasure + 110 has just become even more desirable.

..With a host of segment leading features, the new Pleasure + ‘XTec’ will surely strengthen our scooter portfolio and bring great joy to young people this holiday season.Naveen Chauhan, Sales and Service Manager, Hero MotoCorp

Naveen Chauhan, Head of Sales and Service, Hero MotoCorp, said: “The iconic Pleasure brand enjoys a strong connection with customers. With a host of segment-leading features, the new Pleasure + “XTec” will surely strengthen our scooter portfolio and bring great joy to young people this holiday season. “

With technological features such as i3S (Idle-Stop-Start) technology, a digital analog speedometer with Bluetooth connectivity with call and SMS alerts, a side stand engine cut, a metal front fender, the rider can master any driving situation with confidence, the two-wheel manufacturer says.

The digital analog speedometer with Bluetooth connectivity displays incoming and missed call alerts, new message alerts as well as the phone’s battery status, the company added.

The scooters will be available in seven colors. “The Jubilant Yellow specially created for the Pleasure + XTec guarantees even greater exclusivity,” the statement said.

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The Xpulse 200 4V comes with dual-purpose tires and suspension. It also has improved seat comfort to counter bumpy roads.

Auto analysts have said gasoline two-wheelers are suffering as they rely on rural markets, which are still recovering from the pandemic. In the top 10 cities, electric vehicles and ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles have increased as people switch to personal transportation, but the top 10 cities account for less than a tenth of ICE sales while ‘they represent nearly 30% of electric vehicle sales.