Lime to unveil new electric scooter, bike ride Saturday in Tampa

TAMPA, FL – On Saturday, Lime, the electric scooter rental provider in Tampa, will host a demonstration of its award-winning electric bike and a new improved scooter model at 10 a.m. at Portico, 1001 N. Florida Ave.

Lime is offering to bring his new scooter to serve Tampa residents as part of the city’s selection process for the next phase of its micromobility program. The new Gen 3 scooter that Lime will present features improved brakes, suspension, handling and shock absorption.

WellBuilt Bikes, a social enterprise organization that trains homeless Floridians to build and repair bikes, then donates the bike for free, and Pedal Power Promoters will join the protest.

Lime has named WellBuilt Bikes as a Lime Hero partner, which means riders will be able to round up the cost of their rides to improve mobility for those less fortunate in Tampa.

As part of the demonstration, Lime will also be offering a First Ride Safety Course to residents of Tampa. Lime’s signature First Ride courses help new and inexperienced riders learn about electric scooters in a low-stress environment. The course includes safety tips and a short riding lesson to cover acceleration, braking, cornering and responsible parking.

Tampa began offering its electric scooter rental program in May 2019.

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How To Find The Best Securities Loans Online

Sometimes life circumstances require you to assess your financial situation and you may decide to go for a title loan to cover an unforeseen expense. Although this type of loan comes with high interest rates and often requires you to comply in the short term, some people choose them because they do not take into account the applicant’s credit rating and usually they can. be approved very quickly. Looking for the best online securities lending, target anti-scam or financial review sites to see if people have made complaints about their services. In these reviews, you will also get a better overview of the title lender’s application process. If you are considering a title loan to help pay for an unexpected expense, the collateral asset most often requested by lenders is a vehicle. If you are planning to go for a title loan in the near future, we are sharing some information on how to find the best title loans online.

Check licenses

One of the first steps you need to take once you have located a business that offers these types of services is to make sure that they are legally licensed to operate in your area. Usually, you can look at online directories dedicated to listing licensed securities lending companies, or the company‘s website should display and use this information. If you go to their offices in person, they should display the business license in a public space.

You should do your research beforehand and ask for more options by consulting your friends and family or going online. Too many people fall into the trap of crooks who take advantage of their victim’s poor financial situation. Take every precaution to ensure that you have chosen a legitimate business and that they will keep your collateral assets safe. Look around their desks and assess how they maintain their workspace, how they treat other customers, and how they respond to your requests. Any securities lender should be transparent in their operations and willing to dispel your doubts about how they will manage your assets while you agree to repay.

Search Reviews

Before deciding to go ahead with a contract, another good practice that you can follow is to do a quick online search for other clients’ reviews of the securities lending provider. As you read these reviews, take notes on their comments on customer service and contractual agreements. Some may require you to verify your identity via a phone call, while others may go through the entire application online. These customer reviews can also determine whether the lender requires visual inspections of your car before releasing the agreed amount. All of these details are critical in determining whether you’ll be dealing with a respectable company or whether you should avoid a potential scam.

Understand the reimbursement conditions

Once you have several options at your fingertips, start comparing their fees, interest, and rent. Usually when you ask for more money, the overall cost will be higher as well. If you opt for a longer repayment term, keep in mind that this may impact the total amount you repay the company. A rule of thumb for title loans should be a 30-60 day repayment term, similar to payday loans, and make sure the interest rate never exceeds 30% of your principal.

Depending on the lender, the fine print can specify restrictions that can work against you significantly. For example, they can add penalties associated with prepayments or impose mileage restrictions on your vehicle as an excuse to reject it as a collateral asset. Check every detail of every form before filling in your information and remember that you have the right to look at other options and not to go ahead with a title loan if you don’t feel comfortable. with that.

The search for financial solutions can become a complex situation without clear direction. Some people go through a title loan and may find themselves in a worse situation if they do not meet the repayment options. You need to understand the implications written into the contract and develop a savings plan yourself that will keep you afloat and keep your vehicle. And last but not least, even if it seems a little obvious: try to choose a lender who will allow you to continue using your car for the duration of the contract. Not all businesses have the same policies regarding collateral assets, so stay tuned if you don’t want to waste your only mode of transportation for instant cash!

The price of the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter is expected to increase to Rs 1.5 Lakh

Bajaj Chetak

Production halt expected to be a setback for Bajaj Auto’s retail expansion plans for the Chetak

It’s been a year since the launch of the classic retro electric scooter Bajaj Chetak, but the company is struggling to realize its full potential. The lifestyle product received more than 50,000 expressions of interest and recorded sales of more than 1,300 units – from just two launch cities – Pune and Bangalore. Bajaj is currently sitting on a backlog of over 1,500 units. However, production bottlenecks have forced Bajaj to temporarily close reservations.

Bajaj Chetak Price Rise

Business Standard reports that Bajaj plans to increase the price of Chetak when production resumes at INR 1.5 lakh (ex-showroom). The electric scooter was launched in two variants with the basic Urbane variant priced at 1 lakh INR and the premium premium variant priced at 1.15 lakh INR (both prices are excluding showroom, Pune).

It was previously reported that Bajaj Auto suffered losses with every unit of Chetak sold at its introductory price. The price increase aims to mitigate / eliminate this loss.

With strong customer response, Bajaj Auto is confident that the price hike will not negatively impact the scooter outlook. The product is said attracted all kinds of buyers including the better-off who have never owned a two-wheeler before.

Bajaj Chetak Sales
Chetak sales averaged 250-300 units per month before production stopped due to a shortage of semiconductor chips

Production bottlenecks

Shortly after the launch of the Bajaj Chetak amid much fanfare, India entered a strict nationwide lockdown which halted production. Subsequent logistical problems, compounded by a deterioration in India-China relations, hampered the import of critical components.

Bajaj eventually managed to resume production only to put it on hold again due to acute semiconductor shortage worldwide. The break in production would significantly delay Bajaj Chetak’s retail expansion plans. Thus, a price increase seems inevitable to limit the damage.

Expansion plans and exports

Bajaj is currently working to increase local content in Chetak in addition to reforming its supply chain network. These issues are expected to be resolved in the coming months and the company is confident to expand market coverage from the current 2 cities to 24 cities by the end of next fiscal year.

Once the production constraints have been settled and the Chetak set in motion on the domestic market, the company can turn to export. In Europe, the Bajaj Chetak could position itself as a cheaper alternative to the Vespa Elettrica. As the old continent makes rapid progress in the field of electric mobility, the Chetak seems like an attractive proposition. Classic retro style is a big plus.

In addition to the Chetak, Bajaj’s electric scooter platform will also serve KTM and its subsidiary Husqvarna. A new production plant in Chakan is being prepared for the electric vehicle push in Bajaj.


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