Max Cash ™ Title Loans Analyzes the Challenges of the COVID-19 Effect on the Securities Lending Industry

TEMPE, Arizona., April 28, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Title Deed Lenders United States are currently suffering a decline of 69% and up to 90% in other parts of the country. Pawn shops are experiencing unprecedented growth as Americans attempt to sell property for cash.

Due to this car title loan, lenders have adapted to everything online, but you will still have to use your cell phone to take pictures. Online title lending is here to stay. “Lenders are changing to help people comply with stay-at-home orders and avoid contact,” said Fred winchar, president of Bolt Loans and A maximum of money securities lending. “Securities lenders go out of their way to lend money, but they have challenges they’ve never seen before.”

Typically, title deed lenders generate income from individuals making payments on their loan, as well as occasionally repossessing vehicles from deferred loans. However, most lenders prefer to derive the majority of their income through payments, as the repossession of the vehicle comes with other extended expenses such as storage, security or disposal of the vehicle, if applicable. . Also seeking to avoid reputational damage, most title lenders are more reluctant than ever to repossess vehicles.

People who can usually turn to title loans as a practical short-term financial emergency solution can no longer receive approval because they no longer have valid proof of income. Since the ability to repay the loan is a documented requirement for title loan approval, the spike in unemployed Americans has made it difficult for the title lending industry to accept loan applicants at its usual rate. Property title lenders want to lend. This is what they do. They are not in the business of giving money away without it coming back at some point.

Along with approval rates, loan amounts financed have also declined significantly for the securities lending industry. According to Fred winchar, President of Max Cash ™ Title Loans, “The average loan amount is now around $ 900, whereas before the average was around $ 3,500. “The current combination of low approval rates and low amounts funded has created a cash flow problem for many securities lenders, leaving them with limited income to give back to the public through additional loans. companies have closed their doors for good, many more are struggling to find qualified customers and stay afloat financially.

In response to this economic downturn in the industry, securities lenders still in business have had to find ways to adapt. Since lenders must Something rather than nothing to stay in business, small loans have become essential to sustaining the securities lending industry during this time. Some lenders also give “micro-loans”, which are as low as $ 100 and make the process all online. Other lenders have started working with banks to create a new loan product where the funding is held by the bank rather than backed by the securities lender that handles the loan.

Other auto title loan lenders have attempted to alleviate the problem by implementing a process in which the monthly payment decreases due to a continually falling interest rate. Some of these types of loans have the ability to drop to some of the lowest interest rates the securities lending industry has ever seen. In addition, some auto securities lenders only approve applicants who are extremely low risk, which is not the typical customer base typically served by the securities lending industry. These low risk, limited candidates now have the opportunity to profit from falling interest rates and potentially benefit from industry difficulties.

The securities lending industry recently adopted procedures to make doing business as secure as possible, such as online applications, processing and payments, lenders are collectively struggling to remain financially stable in these unprecedented times.

As always, Max Cash ™ Title Loans encourages you, friends, and family to stay safe and healthy by complying with the CDC’s recommendations to stay home and practice social distancing.

Stay secure, with your family of Max Cash ™ securities lending,

A maximum of money Securities lending
A maximum of money Title Loans, owned by Tradition Media Group, LLC, is a proprietary agency that uses an extensive network of lenders to help clients access securities lending services. A maximum of money Title Loans manages the processing of securities lending and the execution of sales to clients and can act as a broker for loans on a case-by-case basis.

CONTACT: Fred winchar, 1-877-958-1146, [email protected]

SOURCE Tradition Media Group

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What you should be aware of about payday loans and auto title loans

If the coronavirus epidemic is causing financial stress there is no one else to blame. Many millions of Americans have lost all or a portion of their earnings because they are unable to work. Federal Economic Impact Payouts could aid, but some might look at other options to obtain cash for a short time. You could go to these guys think about options such as the payday loan or car title loan, which could be very costly. This is what you should be aware of.

Loans for payday

The payday loan is made for a short period. In some cases, it is only two weeks. When you apply for payday loans, you provide the lender with an individual payment of the sum you wish to borrow and any charges the lender charges you. The lender pays you in cash charges. The next payday you have to pay the lender the amount borrowed in addition to fees in cash.

Payday loans can be extremely costly. Here’s an example :

  • You’re looking to take out a loan of $500. The interest is $75. You must give the lender an amount of $ 575 in cash.
  • The lender pays you $500 in cash. The lender keeps your pay stub.
  • When the time comes to pay back the lender usually in two weeks time, must pay them $575. The lender will return your check to you.
  • The bottom line is that you have paid $ 75 to borrow 500 dollars for two weeks.

Auto title loan

A title loan for cars can also be a loan for a limited duration. They usually last only 30 days. For an auto title loan, you grant the lender the title to your car. The lender will give you money and hold the title for your vehicle. In the event of repaying the loan, you have to pay the lender the amount borrowed in addition to charges. Title loans for cars aren’t cheap. Here’s an example of :

  • You’d like to take out a loan of $1,000 in 30 consecutive days.
  • The fee is 25 The rate is 25. For borrowing $1,000 the amount is $ 250.
  • When you’re due to pay your lender in the next 30 days, must pay them $1250.

Title loans for cars can also be extremely risky. If you don’t repay the amount you owe the lender, could seize your vehicle from you. The lender could decide to sell it and keep the proceeds and leave you without a vehicle. This video shows how this could occur.

Other methods to make money

Auto Title loans are extremely costly. You may want to consider other options for borrowing cash, like taking out a loan through banks or credit unions.

The majority of loans come with the annual percentage rate, also known as APR. The APR is the amount it will cost you to borrow money over the course of one year. If you are offered an advance loan or payday loan advance from a lender, they will provide you with the APR as well as the amount to repay the loan. The loan amount is in USD.

Here’s a look at the cost of a loan, which is 500 dollars for a year.

What happens if I’m serving in or with the army?

If you’re serving in the military, the law safeguards you and your family members. The law restricts the APR for a variety of credit, such as payday loans as well as auto title loans, personal loans, as well as credit cards to 36 percent. In addition, lenders must provide you with the information you need regarding your rights as well as the price for the loan. The military also offers financial assistance and can help you control your money.

Other options in case you are unable to pay your bills

  • Request the time. Ask the companies to whom you owe money for additional time to pay the amount.
  • Get assistance. A credit counselor could be able to assist you to deal with your credit.
  • Make an application in the event of unemployment. Consider applying for unemployment insurance benefits through your state. Find out more about the benefits and whether you’re eligible through the Ministry of Labor website.

Aprilia, discounts on Vespa scooters for BS4 and BS6 variants

The Indian auto market has been hit hard by COVID-19 and the lockdown protocol it brought about. As brands collectively lose around a thousand crore each day, many small-scale car dealerships are on the verge of going out of business. The COVID-19 lockdown measures came at the same time dealers were working to complete the sale of their remaining BS4 stock by April 1, 2020.

This deadline was recently extended but under conditions. Under this, dealers can only sell 10% of their BS4 stock for 10 days after the lockout is removed (for now, this period is May 3 – May 13, 2020). Data shows that unsold BS4 vehicles in all vehicle classes are worth almost Rs 6,400 crore.

Amid the lockdown, Piaggio’s Pune dealers introduced substantial discounts for their BS4 Aprilia and Vespa models. Discounts go up to Rs 40,000 depending on the model year. What is more interesting is that the dealers also offer discounts (up to Rs 25,000) for the new BS6 models. Of course, the price reductions will only be available for a short time and could apply on a first come, first served basis.

Vespa / Aprilia showroom. Photo file.

Towards the end of last year, we had shared the updated BS6 prices for the main Aprilia and Vespa models. On average, prices have climbed by almost Rs 20,000. This is a ridiculous price increase for a scooter, especially since there are no major improvements compared to their counterparts. BS4. Besides updating its products to BS6 specifications, Piaggio India also introduced two new models: Aprilia SR 125 Digi Console (with digital instrument cluster) and Vespa LX.

Higher Aprilia scooter models now sport a nickname “SR160” instead of the previous “SR150”, due to their larger powerhouse. The 160cc engine produces 10.8 hp (+0.93 hp) and 11.6 Nm of torque. The lower SR125 range gets a 125cc engine good for 9.5hp and 9.9Nm. The same power plants, with FIs to reduce emissions, are used in the Vespa range.

Compared to other popular names in the segment, the Aprilia or Vespa models do not offer a major advantage to justify their high prices. However, they boast a tasteful aesthetic and use of premium materials, which is rare in the Indian scooter market. If more dealers advertise reasonable discounts, Piaggio could see better results on its sales chart in the months to come.

6 Evergreen Scooters, 90s Bike Ads: A Journey Through The Past Amid Covid-19 Lockdown!

Want to feel a little nostalgic in the midst of this Covid-19 lockdown? Let us take you back to the ’90s era with these immensely popular bicycle and scooter ads.

India’s ongoing Covid-19 lockdown has now been extended until May 3. If you are a true blue motorist, we fully understand your pain of not being able to drive your two / four wheeler. Previously, we have come up with several stories with a focus on what car or motorcycle enthusiasts can do in this situation. These included bike and car maintenance as well as time-killing shows and movies to watch. By now you must have heard that phrase, “if you were born in the 90s then your childhood was great”. To further substantiate this statement, today we bring you some of the iconic 1990s bicycle and scooter advertisements that are still remembered today.

Bajaj Auto – Hamara Bajaj

It is certainly one of the best advertising campaigns of the 90s and the Bajaj Auto slogan “Hamara Bajaj” has become immensely popular over the following years. The keywords in the ad meant “Our Bajaj”, which gave the audience a sense of affinity. The ad was so popular that a few months ago Bajaj Auto also ran it when the Chetak brand came back with the Chetak electric scooter. A man can be seen cleaning his scooter in the ad towards the end and the company has tried to portray Bajaj as the face of a strong nation. Video source: Shesh9717

Honda Heroes – Dhak Dhak Go

Again, this one is also one of the most memorable commercials of its time. The fact that Hero Honda used the “Indian Connection” for this campaign worked in his favor. This ad showed how proud people were in owning a Hero Honda two-wheeler. In the ad you can see several Hero Honda motorcycles like the CBZ, CD100 and others that were hit hard during the 90s. Another big reason for the success of the ad is the ‘Desh ki Dhadkan’ track in background which in itself gave a sense of pride to India. Video source: Ankur Yadav

Suzuki Samurai – No problem

This was a witty ad. The company tried to present the Suzuki Samurai as the “No Problem” motorcycle. With this Suzuki tried to respond to the fact that the owner of this motorcycle would have no problem. Later, “Suzuki Samurai No Problem” also became quite a popular and fun phrase, especially among young people. Do you remember seeing this ad on television? Video source: Guruprasad Gp

Luna – Chal meri Luna

Luna was a very popular 50cc moped made by Kinetic in 1972. The Kinetic Luna’s journey was interesting and the same ended in 2000. The company published an advertisement with the signature slogan of ‘Chal Meri Luna’. The ad shows that a frustrated employee (also annoyed by his wife) finds a way to make things a little interesting by purchasing a Kinetic Luna. The advertisement was intended to get the message across that the Kinetic Luna is not only cost effective, but also quite durable. Video source: 1368khz

Bajaj Pulsar – Definitely masculine

Remember that famous and popular commercial in which two nurses remove the veil from a motorbike inside a hospital and shout, “It’s a boy! It’s a boy!’ Well, it was a really good idea to portray the Bajaj Pulsar as a sign of masculinity. The announcement was generally interesting and at the end the handle of the bicycle can be seen turning towards the direction in which the nurses were walking. It seemed that the bike was very interested in watching them go. Well, a typical male trait !? And therefore, the slogan – Definitely masculine. Video source: BajajAuto Ltd

Hero Honda CD100 – Fill It, Shut It, Forget It!

This popular slogan of “Fill it, close it, forget it!” Was used for the CD100 which was a rather humble but attractive commuter of Hero Honda. The ad simply shows a cyclist filling up his bike and then going for a ride. As you must have understood from the tagline, Hero Honda sent a message with this announcement that the CD100 has decent fuel mileage, 80 kmpl to be precise (figure claimed). Video Source: The Auto Guy

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Max Cash ™ Title Loans Work from Home program sees dramatic increase due to COVID-19

TEMPE, Arizona., April 14, 2020 / PRNewswire / – The Max Cash ™ work at home affiliate program has seen an increase of over 400% over the past month for individuals who have the opportunity to earn extra income remotely, giving them the opportunity maintain financial stability while remaining in quarantine. .

Thousands of employees who previously worked from home suddenly find themselves on leave or unemployed. Loans are essential today for countless people across the country when it comes to meeting basic needs. A $ 1,200 stimulus control may simply not be enough to effectively support an ordinary person who is responsible for real urgent living expenses on a monthly basis.

“We believe the reason for the increase is that working from home is now the new normal and people are finding ways to do it.”; noted Fred winchar, President and founder of Max Cash Title Loans, “Our affiliate program takes a lot of relief from sitting on the couch knowing that you have to compete for the job soon. You are only competing with yourself here and some affiliates are making thousands of dollars a week right now. . ”

With unemployment currently increasing at an exponential rate and stay-at-home orders being implemented in the states of the United States, earning an income from home is a crucial part of simultaneously maintaining Social Security and Personal Economic Security.

Experience working with websites is a useful attribute, but not a requirement for success with the Max Cash Title Loans work at home affiliate program. A beginner’s knowledge of social media, research and / or website design and marketing would be beneficial and yet could lead to higher loan conversions. When working with the program, Max Cash ™ offers free digital support for SEO, HTML, and other potential website components. Affiliates also receive a free landing page and phone number that tracks all inbound leads and receives an average conversion rate of 10-35% for each loan funded.

Disclosure of bank account information is also not a requirement to be a part of Max Cash Title Loans work at home affiliate program. While payment is available by direct deposit, payment is also receivable via PayPal, check, or wire transfer.

Additional information regarding the free marketing materials and other features of the Max Cash Title Loans work at home affiliate program can be found on the affiliate page of the Max Cash Title Loans ™ website at:

Max Cash ™ invites you to share this opportunity with your sons, daughters, friends, family or anyone else in your community who could benefit from additional income from home. With the number of people seeking financing increasing daily, Max Cash ™ is rapidly seeking to help make loan products easily accessible to those who need them most.

Anyone with more questions or wishing to participate in the Max Cash Work-from-Home affiliate program can start by filling out the request form on the affiliate page, or sending their information to [email protected].

A maximum of money
A maximum of money owned by Tradition Media Group, LLC, is a proprietary agency that uses an extensive network of lenders to help clients access securities lending services. A maximum of money manages the processing of securities lending and the execution of sales to clients and may act as a broker for loans on a case-by-case basis. Tradition Media Group is the country’s largest securities lending processor.

Patrick mcdermott
Max Cash Title Loans ™
[email protected]

SOURCE Tradition Media Group

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Important Things To Know About San Francisco Car Title Loans

San Francisco is known to be a culturally wealthy and progressive city that has been highly acclaimed as one of the best financial centers in the United States today. Even though San Francisco is a beautiful city that boasts of fun and exhilarating destinations, it could be quite a stressful and demanding place for people living here who are increasingly faced with costly and unforeseen expenses. Above all, with the current health and economic crisis of COVID-19, you may be looking for some kind of help. According to reports, the coronavirus could trigger a severe recession or slowdown in the United States.

According to, auto title loans were designed for anyone looking for quick cash to pay bills, manage debts, or deal with an existing health and financial emergency.

According to, as stores, restaurants, factories and airlines close around the world, from Madrid and Paris to New York and San Francisco, economists constantly warn that a worldwide recession is no longer an imminent threat , it is there.

If you own a car, you can avail a very quick and easy car title loan. However, you might have to pay quite high fees or if you default on your payments, you could risk losing your vehicles. Car title loans are for people who need quick cash to pay bills, manage debts, or deal with today’s emergency.

Here are some important points to keep in mind while availing a car title loan.

To get a loan, you must own your vehicle or have equity in the car

Auto Title Lending San Francisco are supposed to be a secured loan which considers your vehicle as collateral. Auto title loans would range from $ 100 to about $ 5,500, or about 25 to 50% of the value of your vehicle. The term of the loan seems to be quite short usually only 15 to around 30 days. Even though it is called a car title loan, you can get this cash advance using your trucks or motorcycles or any other vehicle. You would need a clear title to qualify for this loan. You need to provide a photo of your car, proof of insurance, photo ID, and proof of income to qualify for this loan. If you get a car title loan approval, you will have to immediately assign the title of your car to the lender in exchange for your loan.

Car Title Loans Could Mean High Fees Or High Interest Rates

Lenders could charge almost 25% of the total loan amount each month to fund your loan. For example, to get only a 30-day loan for $ 1,000, your fee could be 25% of the amount. Therefore, you have to pay back $ 1,250 and other additional charges to pay off the car title loan at the end of the month. This would translate to an APR of over 300%. It seems pretty high. However, you simply cannot interfere with the convenience and speed with which the loan is approved and processed.


If you are in a crisis and cannot repay the loan, you may have to give up the car. The lender would be obligated to repossess your vehicle in such circumstances. Know your facts before you opt for this. But remember that your credit history is irrelevant and you could qualify for this loan with even a bad or no credit history.

2021 TVS iQube Electric Bike Price | TVS Bikes in India

How is the design of TVS iQube?

Designing a futuristic vehicle like this can usually go both ways. You can get something that looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie, like Ather, or something that pays homage to the golden age, like the new Chetak EV. TVS, on the other hand, took the middle path. The general shape is that of a traditional scooter; it strangely resembles TVS’s Jupiter.

The vertical light strip, which incorporates LED headlights, is arguably the only feature that emphasizes its future design aspirations when viewed from the front. The handlebars are also well designed and the square shaped mirrors are eye-catching. The side profile isn’t very striking, but it has proportionate lines and those crazy razor blade-like metals, contributing to the standout look. The tail light strip and an illuminated logo complete the look on the rear. Overall, the iQube strikes a good balance between a modern and traditional appearance.

How does the iQube TVS roll?

The iQube is powered by a hub-mounted electric motor with a maximum power of 4.4 kW (approx. 6 hp). Yet the most remarkable statistic is the maximum torque of 140Nm, which is the most crucial figure. Eco and power are the two driving modes available on the scooter. Even in Eco mode, it seems powerful enough to tackle city traffic, even though the top speed is limited to 50 km / h.

When you go into power mode, it’s almost like a new motor has been installed. The speedometer digits keep increasing until you hit 80 km / h, which is not that great considering this is an electric scooter. Besides the agility, the refinement is also remarkable. There is no engine hum even at 65-70 km / h. We all know electric vehicles are quiet, but TVS has taken it to the next level.

How comfortable is TVS iQube?

The iQube is definitely designed to be stiffer. The wide and soft seats protect you from the full impact of shocks, so this is not an obnoxious scooter by any sense of the imagination. the telescopic front suspension and hydraulic double-tube rear suspension – a system used by several manufacturers for a more comfortable ride – should be tested on poor roads.

How is the technology?

Here are the technical characteristics of the TVS iQube:

  • Speedometer – Digital
  • Tachometer – Digital
  • Low battery indicator
  • Passenger seat
  • Pilon Grabrail
  • The clock
  • Day counter type – Numeric
  • Light Pass
  • Geolocation
  • Incoming call alerts
  • Navigation aid
  • Parking aid Q
  • Remote state of charge
  • Smart statistics

What is the battery life of the TVS iQube?

The iQube is equipped with a three-part 2.25 kWh battery. The three pieces each weigh 8kg, and although they can be removed and loaded independently, the user cannot. According to TVS, this decision was made to preserve the reliability and longevity of the battery. The iQube’s weight distribution is concentrated towards the center of the scooter, thanks to the positioning of the batteries under the seat and a little above the ground.

It also uses a hub-mounted motor supplied by Bosch with a maximum power output of 4.4 kW. TVS has adjusted the engine internally. He designed and built the battery management system as well as the battery pack from scratch. The iQube is powered by LG 18650 batteries from Korea, which have a high charge density.

How does TVS iQube perform?

On the move, the TVS iQube, aided by the 4.4 kW hub motor, accelerates quickly and smoothly, reaching a top speed of 78 km / h in Power mode and 50 km / h in Eco mode. The scooter pulls perfectly and the acceleration is quick and linear. The 140 Nm of power at the wheel helps the scooter go from standstill to 40 km / h in a respectable time of 4.2 seconds.

When you release the accelerator, the regenerative brake will kick in. It can be used to ride smoothly and efficiently with minimal use of the front disc and rear drum braking systems. It is probably the most powerful regeneration system seen on an electric scooter in India.

Is the iQube TVS good value for money?

The iQube is undoubtedly expensive at Rs. 1.02 lakh, but it mixes the athletic DNA of TVS with an electric heart, and it could prove to be the ideal combination of sporty handling and driving performance. a smooth ride. It sits between the exciting Ather 450X and the comfortable Bajaj Chetak. The build quality of the iQube, along with a number of related features, may just sway potential buyers.

However, the short range of 75 km in Eco mode and 55 km in Power mode – the lowest of the three high-end electric scooters – is a legitimate problem. Unlike Bajaj, TVS provides iQube users with public charging facilities as well as private charging stations. TVS employees will install home charging stations for customers.