OU will present a new brand of electronic scooter, bicycle at campus | Culture

A new brand of e-bikes and scooters will replace the Bird and Lime scooters and Crimson Cruisers at OU in the coming months.

The university is in the process of signing a new contract with an unannounced company to create exclusive OU brand scooters and e-bikes that will be used on campus by the spring 2020 semester, said Kris Glenn, director. transportation and parking.

Glenn said they didn’t know how companies like Bird and Lime would be affected by the change until the contract was finalized.

The Crimson Cruisers will be replaced with electric bikes, a pedal bike that costs $ 1 to unlock, and an indecisive amount per minute of travel.

“We decided that as a university we wanted to have scooters on campus,” Glenn said. “They are obviously very popular with the students, we just wanted to make sure that we had an exclusive supplier who would follow our rules, share the income with the university and that it was the lowest possible cost for the students.”

Over 71% of students use the Bird and Lime scooters instead of the Crimson Cruisers because they are more accessible, according to data compiled from a Twitter OR Daily poll of 53 participating students.

“I always see people on scooters. It’s almost easier than having your own bike because you can leave it anywhere you want, and it doesn’t matter unless you’re a charger – then you have to find them, ”said Kourtney Daugherty, senior in film and media studies and Bird. charger.

The students said it was difficult to find the location of the Crimson Cruisers and that the Social Bicycles app used to unlock the bikes is difficult to navigate, according to the results of the OU Daily poll.

Crimson Cruisers can only be found at certain hubs around campus, where scooters are available almost anywhere and can be located through their respective apps.

For Casey Shaw, a regular Crimson Cruiser pilot and senior in political science and environmental sustainability, getting rid of Crimson Cruisers is not a welcome change.

“The argument for Crimson Cruisers over scooters would be based primarily on their lower cost,” Shaw said. “It’s much more financially responsible to ride a bike for free than to ride a scooter for as much as $ 7 or $ 8, depending on the length of the trip.”

What many students don’t know is that for the first hour of use, Crimson Cruisers are free. Cyclists are charged $ 5 per minute if they exceed this hour and $ 50 if they park their bikes in an unnamed location.

Even though the Crimson Cruisers will no longer be available, the new contract will still offer bike options for students. Bikes replacing the Crimson Cruisers will be pedal assisted, which means motorized bikes will make pedaling all the way to class easier.

The new varsity scooter system could also be a game-changer for electric scooter chargers.

For Girl, mornings start early. After parking next to the Catlett Music Center, Daugherty uses his two-hour break between classes to collect scooters to recharge.

“If I have time to kill, I’ll just go get a bird,” Daugherty said.

Daugherty is a charger for Bird to pay for small expenses, like his morning coffee. Daugherty said charging a scooter costs between $ 3 and $ 5 depending on the location of the scooter.

“I’m 9pm this semester and don’t want to have a job now,” Daugherty said. “It’s easy because I can do it whenever I want. I had a few months off, and they don’t care.

Glenn said the contract will be responsible for hiring people to load and maintain the bikes.

“It won’t be just any random person who loads it up,” Glenn said. “They will have to… be employees of this company, and they will make sure that the scooters are loaded, that they are distributed evenly across campus, and that they are parked in the right places.”

Gotcha, an electric transport company and current bicycle supplier for Crimson Cruisers, is now terminating its two-year contract with the university. The contract, obtained by the OU Student Government Association, placed Crimson Cruisers on campus and reduced costs for students.

Glenn said the university paid around $ 100,000 for the Crimson Cruisers. Gotcha no longer offers this business model and instead moves to a model where students pay for their ride.

“This model just doesn’t work anymore,” Glenn said.

Glenn said the new contract scooters and bikes will have parking spaces similar to those currently in place for Crimson Cruisers.

“We don’t want scooters scattered all over campus in doorways, lying on their sides in the grass,” Glenn said. “We want to create virtual hubs or paint graphics on the ground… which makes it a lot more organized. “

Glenn said this new method of parking will be convenient for students while providing more organization than Bird or Lime scooters. By offering these new scooters and bikes, Glenn said OU Parking and Transportation hopes to provide more accessible transportation for students.

With the new contract, OU Parking and Transportation plans to reinvest the income generated by scooters and bicycles into the university.

“I think what we hope from this partnership is that they share the revenues with the university, and that these revenues be reinvested in infrastructure for bike paths, parking for bicycles and scooters … creating forms more sustainable transportation, ”said Glenn.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Price, Reservations, Specifications & Everything You Need To Know

Bajaj has made a big comeback in the scooter segment with the launch of its all-new Chetak, the household name for the past decade. The familiar brand is all that is taken from the past as Bajaj once again seeks to make Chetak memorable for the foreseeable future. The all-new Chetak is now an electric scooter, making Bajaj the first internal combustion engine two-wheeler company to launch a fully electric two-wheeler in the country.

Bajaj, the second largest motorcycle maker in India after Hero MotoCorp, has made a big leap into the industry which is still a niche. But the company is not afraid to lay a solid foundation for the electric two-wheeler segment in the country while understanding the potential difficulties up front.

“Our future belongs to our past,” said Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Bajaj Auto. “The fact that Bajaj does not sell scooters is our greatest strength. We are leaving here because there is no conflict of interest. When you enter a new market, you do not make money right away. on day one. The price won’t be sustainable from day one, but that will increase our numbers. “

Launch of the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter in IndiaChetak

The Bajaj Chetak electric scooter is expected to hit the market in January 2020. The e-Chetak will first be available in Pune and then in Bengaluru. Based on the response from consumers, a pan-Indian deployment will be planned. As for the price, the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter could sell for Rs 1.5 lakh in the country.

When launching the new electric two-wheeler, Bajaj had strong opinions about the growing segment of electric bikes in the country. “I prefer to start with our past that we are not a battery or steel maker, we are not a bankrupt two-wheeler company and we are not a venture capital company that funds somebody else. ‘other to manufacture for us, we are engineers doing our own work,’ he said.

“We are a company with a very rich past, a rich heritage. I think it is the credibility of this rich past that gives us a solid basis for the future,” Bajaj added.

The all new Chetak

Launch of the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter in India

Launch of the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter in IndiaChetak

Bajaj e-Chetak has a retro look which is quite appealing to the masses as it somehow resembles the Piaggio Vespa. The electric scooter should be positioned as a high-end product, from which we get an idea of ​​its price.

Talking about its design, the Electric Chetak has an all-metal body, a new LED headlight, a digital dashboard with retro styling to match the overall form factor of the scooter and touch switches.

Launch of the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter in India

Launch of the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter in IndiaChetak

Under the hood, the new Chetak contains a lithium-ion battery with nickel-cobalt aluminum oxide (NCA) cells. The battery is rated IP67 for durability and uses a standard 5-15 amp electrical outlet for charging. Bajaj introduced an intelligent battery management system that controls charging and discharging.

The Bajaj Chetak electric scooter has two modes, Eco and Sport, as well as regenerative braking to maximize range. According to the company, the new Chetak has a range of up to 100 km on a single charge. There is also an app to manage various things like locating the scooter, getting driving tips, playing music and more. The Chetak will be fully connected and will have data communication, security and user authentication.

Bajaj is back with Chetak. Price, features, specifications of the electric scooter

NEW DELHI : Marking its return to the scooter market, Bajaj Auto today launched its electric scooter (e-scooter) under the iconic Chetak brand.

Pune will be the first city where the bike is sold in January while Bengaluru will be the second. Bajaj Auto said subsequent sales will be based on demand from those two cities. The Bajaj Chetak electric scooter will be sold through the company‘s Pro Biking dealerships to which it also sells the KTM super bikes.

Bajaj Auto CEO Rajiv Bajaj said he wants to be the first player in the electric segment as an established player in the two-wheeler industry. “With this attitude, we decided to switch to electric vehicles,” he said.

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In eco mode, the Chetak electric scooter can travel 95 km on a single 5 hour charge.

Features, Specifications of Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter:

Bajaj’s new Chetak electric scooter offers a range of 85 km in sport mode and 95 km in eco mode with a single charge of about 5 hours.

The Bajaj Chetak scooter will also have features to protect it from theft and the owner will receive notifications in the event of an accident or unauthorized access.

First look at the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter.

View full picture

First look at the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter. (Ramesh Pathania / Mint)

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Price:

Bajaj Auto has yet to reveal the price of its new Chetak scooter. The prices will be announced before the start of the shipment of vehicles in the showrooms. Bajaj Auto, however, said the price would not exceed ??1.5 lakh.

The Bajaj Chetak electric scooter was unveiled by Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari (left) in the presence of Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant (right) and Bajaj Auto CEO Rajiv Bajaj (M) in New Delhi.

View full picture

The Bajaj Chetak electric scooter was unveiled by Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari (L) in the presence of Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant (R) and Bajaj Auto General Manager Rajiv Bajaj (M) in New Delhi. (Ramesh Pathania / Mint)

Export packages:

To be rolled out from the company’s Chakan plant, Bajaj Auto also plans to export the model to various relevant markets in Europe starting next year same.

Bajaj said the launch of the electric scooter does not mean the company is making a comeback in the traditional scooter segment. He said the company’s focus will remain on bikes for volume, while the electric scooter along with other brands like KTM and Triumph will act as niche segments.

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Marlon Brando’s ‘illegal’ Vespa scooter up for auction

A vintage Vespa ridden by Hollywood legend Marlon Brando – illegally – on a visit to Britain must go under a hammer.

Double Oscar winner Brando drove the iconic Italian scooter around Berkshire – even though he was not registered in the UK

(Keystone / Getty Images and H&H Classics)

Brando’s “fun ride” belonged to his American film producer pal Elliot Kastner, with whom he worked on the 1976 American western epic “Missouri Breaks”.

Kastner, best known for producing the WWII classic Where Eagles Dare, bought the 1976 Vespa in Rome for a shoot. He then shipped it to England where he owned Runnymede House, a country house in Old Windsor, Berkshire.


Elliot’s son Dillon said his father’s ‘good friend’ Brando used the scooter to get around the countryside and the surrounding alleys. Dillon said Brando, who died in 2004, used to ask his father if the bike was “overhauled and ready to go?”

The fact that the scooter was not registered for British roads did not stop Brando, one of the most acclaimed actors of the 20th century. The Piaggo Vespa 125cc Turismo Speciale is unrestored and still bears the original Rome number plate.

Auctioneers estimate that the scooter, which has become a vintage collector’s item, will sell for between £ 2,000 and £ 3,000 ($ 2,500 to $ 3,800). He’s slated to go under the hammer with H&H Classics on November 2 at the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull, West Midlands.


Mark Bryan of the H&H Classics Motorcycle Department said: “This Vespa has impeccable credentials and is a find for any Brando fan who also appreciates the classic Italian design of this iconic scooter. It’s a good mix of cycling history and cinema.

Dillon Kastner, sold the bike to current seller Chris Bishop, who led the furniture team at Pinewood Studios for 25 years. Chris met Elliot at Pinewood Studios where he had an office.

Brando won two Academy Awards for Best Actor – the first for his role in the 1954 American crime drama On The Waterfront and the second as Vito Corleone in the 1973 gangster classic – The Godfather.