This Vespa scooter costs more than a family car

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Sep 22, 2019, 7:06 PM

Italian automaker Vespa has launched its brand new scooter, the Vespa GTS 300 SuperTech, in the Philippines.

The flagship scooter has a powerful motor and offers smartphone connectivity as well as modern safety features.

And with a price tag of around Rs. 5.6 lakh, it will cost you more than a well-equipped family car.

Here is our roundup.

Vespa GTS 300 SuperTech: at a glance

Vespa GTS 300 SuperTech: at a glance

The Vespa GTS 300 SuperTech features an iconic Vespa design, with a rounded headlight as well as side mirrors, chrome trim on the exhaust, chrome grab bar and blackened alloy rims.

The scooter also has a 4.3 inch fully digital instrument console which can be paired with your smartphone through Vespa’s smartphone app called MIA.

Power and performance

The Vespa GTS 300 SuperTech is powered by a 278.3cc liquid-cooled engine capable of producing 23.5hp of maximum power and 26Nm of maximum torque. The scooter promises a mileage of 29.4 km / h and a top speed of 120 km / h.

Vespa GTS 300 SuperTech: on the road

On the safety front, the Vespa GTS 300 SuperTech is equipped with 220mm disc brakes on both wheels as well as dual channel ABS to prevent skidding when braking.

The scooter houses a single shock unit in the front and a dual shock suspension in the rear to handle the suspension tasks.

Finally, what about the prices?

The Vespa GTS 300 SuperTech is priced at 4,80,000 Philippine pesos (approx Rs. 5.6 lakh) in the Philippine market. Meanwhile, there is no official word on the launch of the flagship scooter in India at the moment.

Soaring prices for Aprilia and Vespa scooters, check out the new rate here

As a brand among Indian customers, the popularity of Vespa is increasing. Earlier this year it pioneered connected technology for its scooters and brought India’s first ABS scooter and was followed by the Storm 125. The company has now raised the price of its scooters in India. Whereas if manufacturers think about new ways to increase sales, Piaggio’s price increase may prove to be counterproductive. However, with the increase in prices, some diets have also been introduced. These programs give customers the feeling that they are getting their money’s worth.

For your information, tell us that the price of the Aprilia scooter has been increased by around Rs. 1,000. The recently launched Storm 125 saw a minimal increase of Rs 1,700 while the Aprilia SR 125 saw an increase of Rs 1,000. Similarly, the Vespa SXL 125 and 150 have been increased by a maximum price of Rs 2,800. For the next BS-VI variant, Piaggio will have to increase the price of its scooters because all scooters will have to use the technology fuel injection (FI). We recently noticed that the cost of the Activa 125 BS-VI conversion was around Rs 8,000 more. The same increase can be expected from Piaggio.

If we are talking about offers, then an Aprilia or Vespa buyer can take advantage. These include a five year warranty, insurance up to Rs 4,000, roadside assistance, the first year of free labor and Rs 6,000 cash back on payment from Paytm. Of course, there are such terms and conditions for these offers, which apply and you will need to visit your nearest MotoPlex dealership to find out more and find out more about them.

Piaggio could launch its Vespa Elettrica scooter in India early next year. With a single charge, this scooter is able to travel 100 kilometers. It can be charged from a household wall outlet or a public charging station. Elettrica is specially designed with city dwellers and their needs in mind. The Vespa Elettrica can continuously generate a power of 2.7 hp and is capable of generating a peak power of 5.4 hp. No announcement has been made by Piaggio India for its launch in India at this time.

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Aprilia and Vespa scooter prices have gone up: here’s how much more you have to pay now!

The prices for the Vespa and Aprilia ranges have increased by 2%, but there are also offers that the manufacturer has that could offset the price increase a bit.

The Vespa brand has continued to grow. Earlier this year, they launched connected technology for their scooters, then India’s first ABS scooter, then the Storm 125. The company has increased prices for its offerings now in India. As manufacturers ponder new ways to increase sales, Piaggio’s price hike may seem counterproductive. However, along with the rise in prices, some schemes have also been introduced. This will apparently give the client a paisa-vasool feel.

The prices of Aprilia scooters have been increased by around Rs1,000. The recently launched Storm 125 sees the minimum increase of Rs 1,700 while the Aprilia SR 125 gets an increase of Rs 1,000. In the same vein, the Vespa SXL 125 and 150 see a maximum price increase of Rs 2,800. Piaggio will have to further increase the price of its products for the next BS-VI transition as all scooters will have to use fuel injection technology. We recently saw that the BS-VI conversion of the Activa 125 cost almost Rs 8,000 more. Also expect a similar amount from Piaggio.

Now let’s talk about the offers that an Aprilia or Vespa customer can benefit from. These include a five year warranty, insurance worth up to Rs 4,000, roadside assistance, first year labor charge waiver and Rs 6,000 cash back. if ordered from Paytm. There are of course terms and conditions that apply and one should visit the nearest MotoPlex dealership to get a clearer picture.

As part of its future plans, the brand has yet to answer our questions about whether or not it will participate in the show next year. If they do, there will be a production version of the Aprilia RS 150 or better yet, another high-end scooter on display. Either way, we hope that Aprilia does not disappoint us “budget enthusiasts”.

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Lime brings the Group Ride Electric Scooter Option to the US so you stop tandem riding

Lime is offering a new feature for its electric scooter rentals in the United States and Canada. Group Ride, which Lime announced today plans to roll out to North America soon, seeks to ensure that every rider in a group has their own scooter.

Group Ride, Lime’s next addition to the US and Canadian version of its app, is designed to make it easier for groups to ride together on shared electric scooters.

The electric scooters, which Lime offers to rent for around $ 1 to start and 15 cents a minute, were previously a one-rider business.

If you and a friend both wanted to get to your destination, you each had to have a Lime account and unlock your own electric scooter. Or as it often happened in practice, one person would unlock an electric scooter, and then the two users would ride together in tandem. It was a violation of Lime’s rules – but that didn’t stop it from happening.

Group Ride could make electric scooters safer and easier to use

With Group ride, a single Lime user can unlock up to five scooters at a time. The feature is designed to allow one person to pay for (and be responsible for) all scooters unlocked with Group Ride.

According to Lime:

Over the next few weeks, Lime riders in select cities across the United States and Canada will be able to access the Group Ride app directly from their iOS and Android devices. It is important to note that all participants must always agree to abide by Lime’s rules and regulations before riding.

While Lime tries to keep two cyclists away from a single scooter, another electric scooter startup is trying to do the opposite. Tango hopes to provide a Lime-type electric scooter sharing service, but with the addition of longer electric scooters designed to carry two riders. Tandem scooters, which look like an electric scooter limousine, have a second handlebar for the rear driver.

Taking Electek

Group Ride actually seems to be a very useful tool, in my opinion.

I’m sure it will be useful for keeping a cyclist per scooter, but I think it will also be great for families and tourists who are trying to get around a city together.

Electrek’s own publisher, Seth Weintraub, recently discovered it the hard way while traveling with his family in Europe. Between his wife, kids, and himself, they roamed the city on a mishmash of limes, birds, and jumps so they could unlock enough shared vehicles for everyone to use at the same time. But a single account unlocking up to five scooters would be perfect for this kind of situation.

I’m in favor of anything that makes these fun and efficient electric scooters a safer option for commuting around town.

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