KC adds temporary scooter and bike lane to downtown

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – Oak Street will be reduced to one lane throughout October between 17th and 19th Streets, as a temporary scooter and bicycle lane will be added to an area known for speeding.

“It’s a street that has been plagued with car crashes for people riding at excessive speeds,” said Eric Bunch, policy director of BikeWalk KC.

This makes it potentially dangerous for riders and cyclists, so Better Block KC decided to do something about it.

“We are the recipients of the AARP Livable Communities Challenge and have been awarded a grant to promote safe streets,” said DuRun Netsell, Better Block KC volunteer.

The community group is using the $ 2,500 grant to change a lane on Oak Street only for cyclists and scooters.

“We are giving the community the opportunity to experience what a redesigned Oak Street would look like,” Netsell said.

And this is not a typical cycle path.

“Typically we would just call it a cycle path, but now we call it a mobility path,” Netsell said. “These are scooters, bikes, Segways, long boards, skateboards,” Netsell said.

While parking is still available along the opposite lane, riders should feel safer with the change.

“We use these parked cars along with cinder blocks and planters to protect cyclists and scooters and this also provides an additional buffer for pedestrians,” Netsell said.

Organizers hope city leaders will consider the temporary addition and make it permanent.

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Aprilia, the revamped range of Vespa scooters in India; details, prices and features explained

Piaggio India has reorganized its existing portfolio of premium scooters under the Aprilia and Vespa brands in India. The Italian team launched the new Aprilia SR 150 Race, the limited edition Carbon SR 150, new color options for the Aprilia SR150 and the Vespa scooter range, adding the much needed toe-in and tuck to stay ahead of the pack. his rivals.

Vespa and Aprilia 2018 range

2018 Aprilia SR 150 Race

The sporty version of the Aprilia SR 150 scooter, the Race Edition, is now inspired by the flagship RS-GP superbike, specially designed for MotoGP. In the RS-GP theme, the scooter sports a white base with red and green body graphics as well as 14 inch red alloys.

The scooter also benefits from an adjustable suspension, 220mm front disc brake, gold caliper, digital console and large windshield. The new Aprilia SR 150 Race was offered at a price of Rs 80,211 (ex-Pune showroom).

2018 Aprilia SR 150 Race
2018 Aprilia SR 150 Race

New colors for Aprilia SR 150

Piaggio India glamorized the SR 150 scooter standard with four new trendy colors – matte black, blue, glossy red and white. The scooter also gets adjustable suspension as part of the update. Aprilia will sell the updated SR 150 at Rs 70,031 (ex-showroom, Pune)

Aprilia Carbon SR 150

The Limited Edition Carbon SR 150 is inspired by the carbon components of Aprilia high-performance track bikes. The scooter gets an all-black theme, complemented by carbon graphics and a new adjustable suspension.

The Carbon SR 150 also has a 14 inch large wheel, 220mm disc brake, new digital cluster, USB connectivity option. It is priced at Rs 73,500 (ex-Pune showroom).

Aprila Vespa new range
new range of Aprila and Vespa scooters

All SR 150 variants are powered by the same air-cooled 154.4cc 3-valve single-cylinder engine which can produce 11.39 hp of power and 11.5 Nm of torque mated to a CVT unit.

New Vespa colors

The range of new Vespa scooters are known for their eye-catching colors and the company has added three more colors – Matt Rosso Dragon, Matt Yellow and Azzuro Provenza with machine-cut peripheral alloy wheels. The new range also benefits from a factory-installed mobile connectivity feature.

The Vespa range is now priced at Rs 91,140 for the VXL 150cc and Rs 97,276 for the SXL 150cc (ex-Pune showroom).

Vesps scooters in Azzuro Provenza
Vesps scooters in the shade Azzuro Provenza

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Deadline Detroit | Pop-Up Vespa Scooter Store Rolling in Detroit’s Fisher Building

Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck are not standard equipment. (“Roman Holidays” screenshot)

A trendy scooter will be sold in a trendy pop-up near, yes, a trendy store in the Fisher building.

Vespa, the Italian ur-scooter that Audrey Hepburn rode in “Roman Holiday” – and dozens of other actors have ridden in many other films – will experience a six-month post near Rachel Lutz’s Peacock Room, reports the Free Press. .

Joe Ricci Automotive Group, the local Vespa dealer, is teaming up with Lutz to set up the storefront.

“Vespa is one of the most recognized scooters in the world,” Ricci said in a press release. “As we see trends continue to evolve in vehicle ownership and personal mobility, I considered opening a Vespa store in Detroit. Rachel gave us the perfect place to “test” the concept. “

Lutz, Vespa owner and brand’s evangelist, describes the pairing

“Not only is my Vespa a mode of transport, but I see it as a fashion accessory and a feeling of empowerment,” she said. “There is nothing quite like discovering the city on two wheels.”

If the pop-up is successful, Vespa could open a permanent store in the Fisher retail space, Ricci said.

They are cute as hell, but please wear a helmet.

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Five-Year Insurance Policy: Updated Honda Bikes and Scooters Price List

Posted 08 Sep 2018 10:00:00

The on-road price of Activa 5G (STD) has now increased by around Rs 4,000.

Honda’s two-wheeler on-road prices have risen dramatically after the new Supreme Court of India ruling mandated five-year insurance for new vehicles. The on-road price of the company’s and India’s most popular scooter, the Activa 5G (STD), has risen to around Rs 68,600 from Rs 64,500.

On the other hand, the on-road price of more expensive models like the CBR 250R (ABS) has increased by around Rs 8,000 from Rs 2.22 lakh to Rs 2.30 lakh.

Here is a table of all updated prices:

Honda Price List (Mumbai)
Model on the road (old) on the road (new)
Activa 5G Rs 64,500 Rs 68 657 – Rs Rs 70 766
Activa-i Rs 61,000 64,639 rupees
Activa 125 Rs 70,700 – Rs 75,600 Rs 75,504 – Rs 81,464
Dio Rs 59,100 – Rs 64,700 Rs 66 705 – Rs 68 965
Aviator Rs 62,500 – Rs 64,800 Rs 70 457 – Rs 72 643
Cliq Rs 55,300 Rs 58 257 – Rs 58 825
Grazia Rs 68,700 – Rs 73,900 Rs 75,497 – Rs 80,440
Navi 48,800 rupees 58,720 rupees
CB Honet 160R 1 03,000 Rs – 1 12,000 Rs 1 07 569 rupees – 1 16 617 rupees
CB Unicorn 160 87 300 rupees Rs 95 563 – Rs 98 332
Blade X 160 95 700 rupees Rs 1 00,585
CB Unicorn 150 82,600 rupees 89,287 rupees
CB Shine SP Rs 72,500 – Rs 79,000 Rs 78 813 – Rs 83 779
CB Shine Rs 70 100 – Rs 72 400 75,646 rupees – 78,932 rupees
CBR 250R Rs 1,89,600 – Rs 2,22,600 Rs 1,96,814 – Rs 2,30,206
Dream Yuga 62 900 rupees 68,773 rupees
Neo dream Rs 56,800 – Rs 59,800 Rs 65 683 – Rs 66 011
Dream CD Rs 55,000 – Rs 56,800 Rs 63 178 – Rs 63 505
Livo Rs 65,200 – Rs 67,600 Rs 72 367 – Rs 75 051

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