Scooter Riders Rally at Back to the Basics Skegness Scooter Rally 2017

Scooter drivers gathered in force for the Skegness scooter rally 2017. Like other scooter rallies in the UK and USA, Skegness is all about the people, tent and van camping, music and loads and loads of scooters.

Skegness is a seaside town on the English North Sea coast of Lincolnshire, with a population of less than 20,000. When scooters descend on Skegness, well before the summer season in England, two-wheelers and their riders stand out.

A wide variety of scooters showed up at Skegness. Some were fairly new models with little to no visible modifications.

Some people adorn their scooters with mirrors and lights. Putting extra lights on your ride can certainly help oncoming traffic see the relatively small scooters, but extra mirrors are a unique adornment without any apparent practical benefit.

While still others convert their little rides into chopper.

Camping is a big part of scooter rallies in the UK. From photos of the event, it appears motorhomes and vans line up around the perimeter of the campsite while the majority of attendees stay in tents. At least one rider has prioritized their bike for tent space, clearly demonstrating their priorities.

If you missed Skegness, it’s not too late for more scooter rally fun in 2017. The same group that runs the Skegness Scooter Rally is running the Boston “Run to the Stump” rally August 4-5, 2017 However, this is Boston. , Lincolnshire in the UK, not Massachusetts. Details will be available on the Skegness scooter rally Facebook page.

The biggest American scooter event this year will be AmeriVespa, held in Seattle, Washington from July 5-9, sponsored by the Vespa Club of America. You do not need to drive a Vespa to participate in AmeriVespa, all scooter owners are welcome. And if you want to witness all the noise, you don’t even have to own a scooter – you can rent one at In regards to in Seattle.