Vintage Vespa Scooter Delivered to Dunfermline Museum and Art Gallery

FRIDAY the 13th may bring bad luck for some, but it was not for the Dunfermline Museum and Art Gallery which received a very special delivery.

After a public poll on what West Fifers wanted to see at the entrance to the new museum, a kind donation of a vintage Vespa scooter from 1958 was donated by a local.

In 2013, museum staff surveyed the public to see what items they would like to see in the entrance portal.

After a poll at Kingsgate, local elementary schools, Carnegie Leisure Center and Carnegie Hall, the scooter was at the top of the list for all age groups.

There were 60 objects to choose from related to the different themes of the new museum.

The scooter took the top spot as children enjoyed the cool design of the scooter while bringing back memories of older generations.

Douglas Groom kindly donated his 1958 Vespa, but it needed some restoration work after being in his garage for several years.

Local conservator Davie Hynd and his son Scott offered to undertake work for the display when the museum opens in May.

Lesley McNaughton, Research and Activities Assistant at the Fife Cultural Trust, said: “As always, we have been blown away by the generosity and goodwill of our DCLG volunteers!

“For Douglas, deciding to donate his Vespa to us was a very selfless and generous act and we cannot thank Davie and Scott enough for all the time, energy and skill they put into the restoration.

“It looks fantastic! One of the many strengths of the project!

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